10 Best Air Cooler in India 2021 | Buyer Guide

Best Air Cooler in India: We created to the points articles and that will help you to find the best product, we feature a list of the best Air Coolers in India.

With the rising heat in summer and dryness in the air, it is very hard to leave a comfortable life at your home. To remove all your swot or to get back your beautiful spring in life you need an Air Cooler or Air Conditioner.

If you don’t know whether you buy an Air Cooler or an Air Conditioner, read this article. In short, if you live in a high humidity area, you must choose an Air Conditioner, and for a dry area, you must choose an Air Cooler. Here is the article of the best air cooler under Rs. 5000.

Best Air Cooler in India

The points you need to keep in mind before buying an Air Cooler. We have come to this point after 30 days of research by our team to guide Indian consumers. So don’t forget to subscribe to our page on Facebook or Instagram to get all these benefits for your family.

  1. Śize of your Room and cooler
  2. Honeycomb vs Aspen Cooling pad
  3. Ice Cube Tray
  4. Air Cooler Compatible With An Inverter
  5. Remote Control Feature
  6. Variable Speed Control Knob
  7. Water Level Indicator
  8. Tower Air Coolers
  9. Multi-Functional Wheels
  10. Empty Tank Alarm
  11. Air Cooler Without Water

Crompton Ozone 75-Liters Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads (Under 9200)

Crompton Ozone Air Cooler helps you to keep your room weather comfortable throughout the whole day in this hot summer.

This air cooler has a large tank of 55 liters which is enough to run it 24 hours a day and it easily covers up to 550 Sq Ft. room easily. because it has a 4500m3/hr air delivery with a powerful motor system which throw air up to 50 feets

Why is it good in this budget?

  • It has a large tank that is protected from bacteria which help you from harmful bodies
  • Airspeed control, 4-way air deflection improves room temperature instantly with its Powerful motor and it comes with overload protection control.
  • Easy to move from your room one corner to another with four wheels.
  • Also, you can easily clean your air cooler with water drain plug and it comes with
  • For any product-related issues and warranty service, please contact on: [1800-419-0505] Crompton warranty service boy will come to solve your problem.

NOTE: It fulfills the Maximum requirement from our 11 points checklist:- Wide Range, ICE cube tray, etc.

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Bajaj Platini PX97 Torque 36 Ltrs Room Air Cooler (Under 5500)

If your budget is around 5000 to 6000 then the Bajaj Platini PX97 will be the best choice in this price range. It has a decent water store that is 36 liters that are enough for 7 to 8 hours of average use in daily life.

Why is it good in this budget?

  • It has 36 Liters of water that is very good enough to run maximum time and you don’t have to put water in it again and again.
  • 3 Side Honeycomb cooling pad for the enhanced performance of Cooler and this pad is easily removable for washing.
  • Bajaj Platini PX97 has good air through up to to 70 meters that cover any room easily with 3 speed control of motors to get the soothing air from the cooler.
  • This cooler comes with a Honeycomb Cooling pad and Hexacool Technology that gives maximum cooling and coverage with minimum water consumption.

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Symphony HiCool-i Modern Personal Air Cooler (Under 8300)

Symphony is a trusted brand in India. To keep in mind of hot summer they this beautiful Air cooler with many facilities in 2014 in Amazon. It has a modern stylish look with top-notch performances. It comes with i-Pure technology which involves 5 powerful filtration processes to remove waste particles from the cooler to give you a safe life.

Why is it good in this budget?

  1. It circulates face air, unlike AC that recirculates the same air. Cooler back site Mosquetio and dust filter provide additional hygienic air.
  2. It comes with remote control features and a dedicated place to keep the remote in the Cooler
  3. 4 caster wheels and very easy to attach with cooler because it comes inside box without install.
  4. To indicate water tank full we provide a whole and empty water tank alarm.
  5. Its dura pump technology provides a long-lasting service of the pump. Also, it comes with Honeycomb cooling pump.

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Frionvy Premium Tower Air Cooler

It features a high-performance blower system with 3 distinct levels of speed control for instant cooling effect. It includes a honeycomb pad for effective cooling, a premium glass to check the water level, an overflow pipe to indicate excess water, a drain plug for smooth cleaning as well. 

All these parts are made of high-grade plastic (materials). 1 unit of Cooler, 4 units of caster wheels, and a manual are packed together in a carton.


  •     Has a tank capacity of 8 liters.
  •     4-way adjustable louvers for low noise.
  •     High-performance honeycomb pads for instant cooling.
  •     1 unit cooler, 4 units’ caster wheels.
  •     1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
  •     Blower system for powerful air delivery. 

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Orient Electric Magic Cool

Cooldown your living room and stop worrying about the hefty electric bills with Orient Magic cool 50 Litres cooler. It fits into windows like an air conditioner and provides you clean and fresh air. It features a fragrance chamber that removes unpleasant odor and fills your space with freshness. With a tank capacity of 50 Litres, this cooler delivers air at a rate of 2000 cubic meter per hour. 

  • It has a tank capacity of 50 liters.
  • 4way cooling with adjustable louvers.
  • Power -220 Watts
  • Toll-free service number.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Fragrance chamber.

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Orient Electric Smart Cool Cp2002H 20L Air Cooler

Smart cool DX CP2002H ensures that refreshing air follows you wherever you go. If you are looking for a Cooler that occupies minimum space; then you may go for this one. Notable features include 3 distinct levels of speed control, have a storage capacity of 70L, and deliver you at a rate of 1300 cubic meters per hour. If you are residing in an area with frequent power cuts, you can buy this cooler as it works with the inverter.


  •     Has a tank capacity of 20 liters.
  •     1300 cubic meters per hour.
  •     45% more water retention and 25% more cooling
  •     3 levels of speed control.
  •     Inverter compatible.
  •     Ideal for living room, bedroom, and study room.

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Orient Electric Supercool CP 3001H 30L

Orient CP3001H uses honeycomb pads as cooling media; it offers superior cooling performance to meet your needs.  The 30L delivers air at the rate of 300 cubic meters per hour. It has 3 distinct levels of speed control; allows you to adjust air as per your requirements. It minimizes power consumption and saves energy expenditures.

CP3001H includes lesser moving parts and provides smooth maintenance and customer services. Owing to DenseNest Technology; it’s capable to retain 45% more air that results in 25% better cooling.


  •     45% more water retention and 25% more cooling
  •     3 levels of speed control.
  •     Inverter compatible.
  •     4-way cooling motorized louvers.
  •     Dust, bacteria, and mosquito filter.
  •     Allows cross ventilation.

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Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Room Air Cooler 27L

It’s a high-performance cooler fitted with honeycomb pads on three sides. If you want a cooler that fits well with adverse climatic conditions, then you switch on to Symphony 27L Air Cooler. Whether it’s a medium-sized room, a large dining room, or outdoor space, this model is perfect for all kinds of needs.

This Cooler has a capacity of 27 Liters and consumes 105 Watts of power.  Backed by I-Pure technology it includes filters that remove allergens, microorganisms, bad odor, and dust from the air making it pure and clean.


  •     Has a tank capacity of 27 liters.
  •     High-performance honeycomb pads for instant cooling
  •     1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
  •     Dust, bacteria, and mosquito filter.
  •     Features exclusive dura-pump.
  •     Power consumption – 105 Watts.

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V Guard Whiz Air 65 H Desert Cooler

If you are looking for a cooler with an effective cooling effect you may go for this one.  VGUARD 65H is equipped with a water level indicator and auto-fill float valve; VGUARD 65H is designed with a sleek and balanced body that provides sturdiness and stability to the product.

Backed by Tetra Air Flow Cooling Technology it provides equilateral (air) flow to all directions, this air cooler model features corrosion free blades that prevent the fan blades from rusting.


  •     Tetra airflow cooling.
  •     Antifungal honeycomb pads for instant cooling.
  •     Corrosion-resistant fan blades.
  •     Unidrip flow water distribution.
  •     Inverter compatible.
  •     Voltage – 160 to 270 V.

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It is a quality product from Havells.  Havells Celia includes a unique fan design for low noise cooling. It is a unique combination of innovation, convenience, and creativity. It delivers air at a rate of 3500 cubic meters per hour and assures effective cooling even in a larger area. It features collapsible louvers that prevent dust and insects from entering inside the cooler and ice chamber that allows the users to put ice cubes for chilled air. It has a capacity of 55 Liters and is suitable for families with 5 to 6 members. It is backed by 1 year warranty on the product.


  •     1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
  •     Dust, bacteria, and mosquito filter.
  •     It has a tank capacity of 55 liters.
  •     3500 cubic meters per hour.
  •     Product s eligible for repair and other services.
  • ·   Fully collapsible louvers.

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Best Air Cooler Brand to buy in India

Symphony Air Cooler

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Symphony Limited was founded by Achal Bakeri and was established in the year 1988. It is a leading manufacturer of household, commercial, and industrial air coolers. It’s 20 to 25 percent of turnover comes from international markets.

Symphony air coolers are feature-rich, performance-oriented, and cost-effective; provide better cooling solutions.  These products are an idyllic choice for commercial uses like gym, workshop, restaurants, and indoor stadiums.

The following are the top-rated and best-reviewed symphony air coolers.

  • MoviCool L65i-S
  • MoviCool L6125
  • MoviCool L200i
  • MoviCool XL 100-G

Bajaj Air Cooler

Bajaj electrical manufactures electrical equipment; it is a part of the Bajaj Group. Headquartered in Mumbai, it got diversified into sectors like Home Appliances, Fans, Lightening, and Engineering products.

Bajaj coolers are suitable for different climates and geographical areas.

These coolers are equipped with features like high air delivery and water tank; features Chilltrap Technology for a better cooling experience.  Additionally, Bajaj Air Coolers come with castor wheels that provide ease of movement.

The following are the top-rated and best-reviewed Bajaj air coolers.

  • Bajaj DMH 67 67 Litre Room Cooler.
  • Bajaj TDH 25 25 Ltrs Room Cooler
  • Bajaj TMH20 20 Ltrs Room Cooler
  • Bajaj TMH 12 12 Litre Room Cooler

Kenstar Air Cooler

In 1996, Kenstar introduced quality air coolers in India. Kenstar has earned popularity as a manufacturer of stylish and durable products and has delighted customers all over the world. Kenstar offers feature-rich, high-tech products and opens up a world of ease and comfort. It has more than 350 Service centers and Franchises across the country.

Kent Air Coolers provides a lot of benefits. Kenstar coolers are affordable and cost-effective compared to the ACs. They consume less energy and power which results in saving time and energy expenditures

 Following are the top-rated and best-reviewed Kenstar air coolers

  •     Kenstar Wonder Cool 40L Air coolers.
  •     Kenstar Slim Line 30 L Air coolers.
  •     Kenstar Double Cool DX 50 Litres Air coolers

Crompton Greaves Air Cooler

CG group and companies formerly known as Crompton Greaves is an Indian MNC. Headquartered in Mumbai, this company is engaged in designing and marketing of products related to power (electricity) generation, transmission, and distribution.

It is one of the oldest brands and has a legacy associated with superior quality, product designs, and innovative approach

Following are the top-rated and best-reviewed Crompton Greaves air coolers:

  •     Marvel Dlx Personal Air Cooler.
  •     Optimus 100 Desert Air Cooler
  •     Optimus 65 Desert Air Cooler
  •     Optimus Classic 70 Windows Air Cooler

Orient Electric Air Cooler

It is a part of the diversified CK Birla Group. Headquartered in New Delhi; Orient Electric Limited is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electrical appliances. For more than decades this one-stop company has been providing cooling solutions to customers across India

Orient manufacturers air coolers, tower coolers



If you are looking for a cost-effective, efficient alternative to Air Conditioners, I would advise you to buy these air coolers. These electrical devices consume less power than air conditioners. Desert air coolers have stain-resistant steel bodies; thus are more effective with coolers with plastic bodies. Desert Air

They work based on the simple principle that as unsaturated air comes in contact with water; water gets evaporated and moisture content of air gets increased. Thus it gives a cooling effect. Desert Coolers are effective in areas where humidity is low.

Personal Air Coolers

Specially designed for indoors and personal spaces; these coolers provide you a comforting solution for hot and dry summers. These are designed for personal use the personal coolers use a tank of water to cool the air.

There are some portable air coolers like Evapolar Personal Air Cooler that occupy lesser spaces. Water from a tank is absorbed into the cartridge and spreads uniformly over the surface of the pads. The fan at the rear blows hot air over the water. Thus air gets evaporated and cools down.

Tower Air Coolers

Tower coolers use a fan to pull air through cooling mediums; which are watering from a tank using a water pump. A tower cooler provides efficient and better cooling solutions compared to the fans and other coolers. It also minimizes time and energy consumption.

 It filters dust and pollen by a wet cooling media. They are ideal for hot and dry weather conditions. They are low priced, unlike air conditioners.

Window Air Coolers

As their name suggests these coolers are installed on the window frames. These coolers have a large tank capacity and provide effective cooling solutions. Virtually they don’t occupy any space inside the house. In addition, they come with honeycomb pads and high-grade plastic bodies. They are longer lasting than conventionally air coolers.


 Cost of Air Cooler

Checking the budget allotted for buying an air cooler is also important. In India air coolers manufactured by renowned brands range between 5000 to 12000 rupees. Air coolers with high tank capacity cost more than the others.  I would recommend you buy air coolers having the capacity of 30 to 56 Liters; it will cost you between 6000 to 9000 rupees.

Cooling Pads of Air Cooler

Air coolers have two main types of Cooling Pads; one being wood wool and the other one is Honey Comb. Honey Comb pads are mostly used as they provide superior cooling, low-pressure drop and require less maintenance. But these pads are costly. On the other hand, Aspen Wood Wool is economical but requires more maintenance.

Size of Air Cooler

An air cooler is of no use if it doesn’t have adequate size; consider buying a cooler that has adequate height and throws air to your body level.  Always choose an air cooler that fits perfectly with your space.  There are box-shaped designs and tower coolers that provide effective cooling solutions. You may stand for the cooler if required.


How often do I need to refill water in an air cooler? 

Well, it is difficult to say how much water an air cooler consumes per day. It depends on several factors and in order to answer this one needs to consider several things. One of The main factors on which water usage of a cooler depends is:

Size of the cooler- A medium or large-sized cooler may consume 100 to 150 Liters of water daily. In India Water reservoirs are designed to store water for 3 to 6 hours. The large-sized Symphony air coolers have a continuous water supply with a float valve for shutoff. 

Can I put ice or does it have ice boxes?

One of the effective ways by which you can increase the cooling efficiency of your air cooler is by adding ice to the water in the tank. Some coolers come with dedicated ice compartments. Adding ice makes the pad cooler; that causes cool air to pass through the water. However, it will be effective only when you are sitting close to the cooler.

How often do I need to change the pads?

The cooling pads vary according to their durability. It depends on what time duration and how often the cooler is used.  The quality of the water supply also matters a lot. When you notice that the cooling pad is cracked, you must change the pad thereafter. Aspen and Cellulose are some of the well-known brands that manufacture cooling pads.  If you consider Aspen, you need to change at the beginning of every season or even before. Brands like Cellulose or CelDek last longer and require changing every 3 to 6 years. If you have any doubts you can refer to the manual for detailed information.

Will it work on an inverter?

Symphony air coolers are designed to save energy; hence can be run on an inverter. They work on a different phenomenon. Among all the brands that manufacture coolers; Symphony has taken the risk to run a cooler on the inverter and ensures the lowest power consumption.

Do air coolers have a remote?

Air coolers come with a remote function that allows you to control the temperature and speed of the fan/blower even when you are far from the cooler.  Unlike manual systems, you don’t need to do things manually.

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