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best air purifier
best air purifier

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier

Cooling capacity 1300 Cu.m/hr
Filter TypeHEPA, Activated Carbon
Power Consumption40 W
Purifier Type Room 
Room size600 sq ft
Noise Level 64.4 dB

Filtration: This air purifier comes with tri-impregnated carbon filter removes gas, odors and VOCs. The Glass Hepa filter removes 99.95% of microscopic allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 micrometer. 

Tracks air quality: The purifier automatically detects and reports the air quality in real time on M 2.5, PM 10, NO2 and VOC. The unit displays ai and keeps on updating after every 12 minutes. You get to see what this purifier senses and captures and projects on Dyson Link app in real time. 

Powerful Airflow: The air multiplier technology delivers over 360 L per second of air that circulates purified air uniformly throughout the room. It lets you adjust the oscillation angle from 45 degrees to 350 degrees, so that purified air gets projected throughout the room. 

Night mode: You can programmed your machine to turn off after pre-set intervals between 8 to 30 minutes. Philips air purifier monitors and purifies air in noiselessly. Moreover, it also includes a dimmed mode.  

Safety Concern: This product is absolutely safe for homes with kids, and comes backed by allergy and allergy-friendly certification.

best air purifier

Philips 1000 Series AC 1215/20 Air Purifier

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Cooling capacity 1300 Cu.m/hr
Filter TypeHEPA, Activated Carbon
Power Consumption 50 W
Purifier Type Room 
Room size677 sq ft
Noise Level33 dB(A)

Filtration: The air purifier comes equipped with an extra thick NanoProtect HEPA Filter that’s designed to deliver superior purification efficiency. HEPA filter features a clean delivery rate of up to 270 cubic meter per hour. VitaShield Technology removes particles as small as 0.2 micrometer. 

Tracks air quality: This  purifier comes with a “Healthy air Protect” function that informs as you need to change the filter, The color ring on the dashboard through a 4-step color ranging from blue to red that keeps you informed of air quality .

Airflow: The air purifier delivers 270 L per second of air that circulates purified air uniformly throughout the room. This unit is suitable for a 677 sq ft room. 

Night Mode: The air purifier sets a conductive environment that lets you sleep in peace. This unit constantly checks the air quality and cleans air while you sleep. Furthermore, the dimmed light and low sound enhances the sleep quality. 

Safety: This unit is certified & tested by ECARF & Airmid to ensure the best air quality and maximum safety. The child Lock function of the air cooler prevents unnecessary changes in the settings.

best air purifier

Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

Cooling capacity 250 Cu.m/hr
Filter TypePre-filter, HEPA, HiSv
Power Consumption53 W
Purifier Type Room 
Noise Level46 dB
Room size323 sq ft

Filtration: This air purifier follows a three stage purification process. The Pre-filter removes large-sized pollutants (like pet dander, PM 10,  and enhances the longevity of other pollutants. The HEPA filter removes formaldehyde, PM 2.5, VOC, and microorganisms (virus and bacteria) from air. HiSv gives you clean and purified air.  

Airflow: air vents on all sides of the purifier enhanced suction of polluted air and faster air flow. This unit has a CADR rating cleans up to 36 Sq.M in just 10 minutes.  The 3D airflow technology reaches out to the farthest corner of the room. 

Safety: This product is absolutely safe for homes with kids as it comes with a child lock feature. What’s more, this unit comes certified by ECARF and it’s recommended by the Indian Medical Academy For Preventive Health. This unit removes about 99% of bacteria. 

Sleep Mode: This unit has an aerodynamic design that ensures lowest sound levels. It creates an ambiance for sound sleep.

best air purifier

Atlanta Healthcare 7-Stage 43-Watt Air Purifier

Cooling capacity 225 Cu.m/hr
Filter TypePre-filter, Anti-bacterial filter, H13-grade HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter, Photo Catalyst filter
Power Consumption43 W
Purifier TypeTower
Room size350 Sq. Ft.
Noise Level43 dB

Filtration: This air purifier has a seven-stage air purification technology. The pre-filter removes coarse materials while enhancing longevity of other filters.

The anti-bacteria filter removes harmful particles from the air, the Hepa filter absorbs particulate material and removes dust particles up to 0.3 microns. Activated carbon filters remove gases like hydrogen Sulphide, NH3 from air. 

Airflow: The air purifier delivers 225 L per second of air that circulates purified air uniformly throughout the room. This unit is suitable for a 350 sq ft room. 

Night Mode: This  air purifier comes with advanced ultra-silent motors, this unit operates as silently as sub 45 decibel noise levels. Thus, it creates an ambiance that’s perfect for a sound sleep.

Safety: This air purifier comes backed by the CE Certificate that guarantees that it’s safe to use. Thanks to the iCluster Technology, air remains free of harmful indoor pollutants. This unit includes a ionier that releases ions to provide a forest-fresh environment.

best air purifier

Philips AC2887/20 High-Efficiency Air Purifier

Cooling capacity 344 Cu.m/hr
Filter TypeHEPA, Activated Carbon
Power Consumption60 W
Purifier Type Room 
Noise Level20.5dba (at Night Mode)
Room size409 sq ft

Filtration: This air purifier comes with an AeraSense sensor that detects particles that are as small as PM 2.5 particles. The sensor processes this information ensuring that purifier settings are at ideal level. 

Tracks air quality: Lifetime of the filter depends on air quality. Philips air  purifier comes with a “Healthy air Protect” function that informs when you need to change the filter, The color ring on the dashboard through a 4-step color ranging from blue to red that keeps you informed of air quality .

Airflow:  The air purifier delivers 225 L per second of air that circulates purified air uniformly throughout the room. This unit is suitable for a 851 sq ft room. Allergen mode of the purifier boosts the airflow to remove harmful microorganisms. 

Sleep Mode: This unit operates as silently as sub 20.5dba noise levels at sleep mode. The Smart Light Control of the purifier lets you adjust the light as per convenience. 

Safety: This purifier got lab tested to remove H1N1 virus, it also removes harmful gases TVOCs and formaldehyde.

 Consider Before Buying The Best Air Purifier

Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Air Purifier

1. Main purpose

benefits of buying best air purifier

Allergies: If you are suffering from allergies, you can choose an air purifier that’s specifically designed for allergy relief.

Asthma: If you have asthma, you should choose a purifier that removes odor and other chemical pollutants.

Smoke:  Some air purifiers are specifically designed to filter smoke and fumes that can harm respiratory systems.

Pets: Go for a purifier that can remove animal dander, odor, or hair and keeps air clean and germ-free.

2. Size of Air Purifier

To choose an air purifier based on dimensions; consider the area of the room you want to purify. If you are suffering from breathlessness (asthma) and want a purifier to alleviate the symptoms, you should consider a purifier based on ACH (air change per hour) or the number of times the purifier filters the entire volume of air. 

actual Size of Air Purifier

For asthma or allergy patients, purifiers having an ACH rate equal to 4 is the best as it cleans by removing harmful allergens from the air.

  1. Small:  These purifiers are meant for rooms up to the 299-meter square
  2. Medium: These purifiers are meant for rooms up to 300 to 699-meter square

iii. Large: These purifiers are meant for rooms up to 700 to 1900 meter square.

3. Location of the Air Purifier

In most cases, you are advised to place the air purifier where you spend your maximum time.  You should keep in mind that light purifiers are meant to purify a single room only; it would be better to install additional units for other rooms.

air purifier where you spend your maximum time

In other words, go for a portable purifier that includes wheels and handles so that you can move it from one room to the other.

4. Air Purifier maintenance 

Purifier maintenance involves replacing the air filters.  The maintenance period varies depending on the technology used in developing air purifiers.

  1. Hepa (air) filters:  These filters last about 1 year depending on the usage.  Brands like IQAir HyperHEPA can last for about 4.5 to 5 years.
  2. ii) Carbon (air) filters: Carbon Filters lasts approx 6 months.

iii) Pre-filters: These filters last for about 3 months. Some washable fitters can last for a longer time span.

5. Desirable  Features of Air Purifier

After you have chosen the size and type of air purifier, consider some special features of the air purifier.

  • If you want to save both money and energy; go for purifiers that are rated by the EPA.
  • There are wifi air purifiers as well that you control from your smart-phones.
  • You can include features such as remote controls, portability, and filter change indicators
air quality index

Types of Air Purifiers

1. Hepa Technology Air purifiers

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. That means this is highly efficient in trapping microscopic (minute) particles like animal dander, dust, allergens, and other unwanted contaminants.

You should go for a product that is labeled as “Pure Hepa”. Such products must meet all the standards set by the US Department of Energy. The standards ensure that these filters are capable of capturing 99.97 % minute particles.

Hepa Technology Air purifiers

Details of Hepa Technology Air Purifier

Hepa Technology Air Purifiers are high-tech purifiers and are used by asthma doctors to reduce the symptoms of these diseases. 

Due to the quality performance of the air purifiers you need to change the filters often, as the small holes of the size of the filter sheet would increase the airflow cycle and filter life. The more rapid air flows through the filters, the cleaner the room becomes.  

However, these air purifiers will not clean your entire home; it’s better to have a purifier for all the rooms so that the entire home gets cleaned up.

Best HEPA technology air purifiers

  • Mi Air 2C with True Hepa Filter
  • Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier
  • Hullaards AT-11 Portable 35 Watts Air Purifier

2. Activated Carbon Technology

These are small pieces of carbon available in granular or powdered form.   A large surface area enables these carbon filters to absorb allergens than normal carbon. 

There are several advantages of using activated carbon.  These purifiers enable you to get rid of unwanted impurities and contaminants.  

Activated carbon can be used along with HEPA filters to trap impurities like dust, smoke, lint, and other chemicals

best air purifier

Best carbon technology air purifiers

  • Gliese Compact 25 Watt Air Purifier
  • Guardian Technologies GermGuardian Air Purifier
  • Avalon 3 in 1 Activated Carbon UV-C Purifier with HEPA filters

4. Ozone Air Purifier

Hepa or ionic purifiers use electrostatic plates as the means of filtration; they use ozone to remove unpleasant smell/odor. 

Ozone Generators:

These devices produce huge amounts of ozone as they don’t have any other means of filtration. Either they have a small pre-filter for dust or other contaminants or they can’t remove allergens and contaminants.  

Advantages of Ozone

Ozone is a molecule that can react and eliminate strong odors and chemical pollutants. Ozone smells like a crisp air freshener.   The ability to remove unpleasant odors makes it appealing to the customers/users as an air-purifying chemical.

5. UV Air Purifiers

According to doctors and health experts, air free of contaminants and allergens ensure long term health. We are fortunate enough to have an air purification system that deals with harmful microorganisms like virus, bacteria which were not there some years ago.  When the time comes for you to choose from purifiers that ensure clean and germ-free air, filters with UV air purification may be a perfect choice that meets your requirements. 

Basics of UV Air Purification

UV air filtrations use ultra-modern UV light technology to trap dust and other unwanted contaminants to keep bacteria from infecting office, home, and other indoor spaces.  UV Light destroys the genetic materials that prevent the microorganisms from reproducing and spreading diseases. UV air filtration system combines UV lamps with air filters to remove air pollutants and kill germs. 

These are the best UV air purifiers

  • SilverOnyx 5 speed KJ150F-C02
  • GermGuardian AC4825
  • Oransi Finn UV Air Purifiers

6.  Negative Ions

Air Ionizer makes the air clean and germ-air by charging the air molecules. Ions are used to remove allergens and contaminants. Ionizers make the air healthier for people suffering from breathlessness like asthma, allergy, and other respiratory diseases.

What are Ionizers? How do they work? 

The ionizer creates negative ions using electrical energy and releases them into the air. These negative ions get attached to positively charged substances like dust and other contaminants.  These positively charged particles and negatively charged ions combine to create dense particles that cannot float in the air; as a result, these dust particles fall off. 

These are the best air purifiers

  • Honeywell Move Pure2 Air Car Purifier
  • Philips GoPure Compact 100  Airmax Car Purifier
  • Moonbow Car Air Purifier  
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