The Best Alkaline Water Purifier in India 2021

Alkaline Water Purifier

Havells max alkaline 7 L RO +UV Water Purifier

Double Purification System: The water purifier highlights a double purification system. The water passes through the RO membrane and undergoes UV purification, make it safe for drinking.

Alkaline Taste Enhancer: This feature adds essential alkaline minerals, and also reduces oxidation-reduction potential, thereby increasing the pH level of filtered water. This feature helps transform ordinary water into alkaline water, which not only makes it healthier but helps enhance the taste as well.

Revitalizer: Thanks to this feature, the water molecules get restructured, making them biologically active. It helps to increase the mineral absorption, pH level, hydration and alkalinity of the purified water.

Stylish Design: The water purifier comes with a three-way mounting design. You can mount this appliance on a straight wall, place it on a table, or mount it in a corner.

Faucet: This water purifier features a soft-touch spout, which dispenses clean and hygienic water seamlessly, without any splashing.

Mineralz Cartridge: The water purifier features mineralz cartridge that adds back the full spectrum of natural minerals. It traces elements, ensuring that the pH level of the purified water gets corrected.

Easily Removable Tank: The water purifier comes with a seven-litre tank. You can easily remove and clean the tank whenever required.

IProtect Purification System: iProtect Purification system of the water purifier continuously monitors the purification system. This feature ensures that you can get safe and purified water at all times.

Tank Cover: Havells Max alkaline 7 L purifier comes with a tank cover. It prevents insects and dust particles from entering the tank.

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