9 Best Aluminium Foldable Ladder for Home in India 2021


Bathla Ultra-stable 6-Step Aluminium Foldable Ladder

Weather-proof and Durable: The ladder is aluminium-casted & includes HDPA ingredients. You don’t need to bother about its sturdiness. It’s weather-proof, so moisture can’t cause harm to it.

Non-Skid Rubbers: This aluminium ladder comes with six steps. It features anti-skid shoes, unlike others. It blocks the ladder from sliding when someone climbs on it. It includes efforts made of non-skid rubbers, thus making it problem-free.

Knee Guard: It has a knee guard like other ladders that protects the knees while climbing on it.

Lightweight: Bathla Aluminium ladder is easy to use. You can carry it while using it indoors.


Parasnath Home Pro 6-in-1 Aluminium Foldable Ladder

Knee Guard: The system features anti-skid PVC Shoes that won’t let you skid while climbing on it. The knee guard gives you support when you climb on it.

Lightweight & Portable: . This feature makes it easy to carry & move it.

Durability: The ladder is aluminium-casted; this foldable ladder is rust-proof.

Ease of Use: It’s easy to open the ladder and fold it after your work gets completed.

Measurements: This aluminium ladder comes with a height of 160 cm or 5.25 feet. It measures 160 cm by 36 cm by 10 cm & comes with a 5-year warranty.


Parasnath Aluminium Heavy Folding Ladder Home Pro with Wide-serrated 6 Steps

Premium Grade Aluminium: The ladder is aluminium-casted. You don’t need to worry about its durability.

Non-Skid Rubbers: The aluminium ladder comes with steps that feature anti-skid shoes. It prevents the ladder from skidding when someone climbs on it.

Versatility: This ladder lets you paint your walls or clean your ceilings. It’s suitable for use at home.

Measurements: It’s a foldable aluminium ladder with a height of 160 cm or 5.25 feet. The product measures 50 cm by 11 cm by 124 cm & weighs 150 Kg.


Bathla Ultra-stable 5-Step Aluminium Foldable Ladder

Versatility: Wherever you can’t reach, this foldable ladder helps to get it with ease. This lightweight ladder can be used for home and DIY use. Being heavy-duty, it has commercial uses.

Lower Heavy Lag Support: The ladder stars a folding design that allows quick and time-consuming storage after use. You can fold it into a compact structure that can be easily stored when not in use.

Sturdy Construction: It comes with a plastic top with an anti-skid design for better grip and protection. Its long arc gives your support and prevents you from slipping.


Casa Copenhagen, Super Strong Ultra-Stable 5-Step Aluminium Foldable Ladder

Anti-Skid Shoes: Designed PVC Shoes gives you unparalleled stability while using the ladder. They’re designed for safety and form a firm grip on wet surfaces.

Corrosion Resistance: It’s built from high-grade, rust-proof aluminium & engineered HDPA components. It’s resistant to corrosion resistance. It is suitable for all climates and weather conditions.

Slip-proof surface with eskers: It comes with additional ridges. It provides you with a firm grip along with foothold. It features an edge-guard to maximize safety.


Parasnath Heavy Folding Ladder With Five Steps Milano 5.2 Ft

Durable: It’s heavy-duty & made of industry-standard heavy-duty alloy. This feature makes it durable. The 35 feet well-constructed ladder withstands the smallest weight of 150 Kg.

Anti-skid Design: It’s a folding ladder and has a comfortable & smooth holding hinge. It comes with a plastic top and anti-skid design for a better grip. Its complete steps with anti-skid design prevent you from slipping. It’s foldable, saving space when not in use.

Serrated Steps: Wherever you can’t reach, this foldable ladder helps to get it with ease.

Versatility: This ladder is suitable for home and DIY use. It’s heavy-duty enough for industrial use.


Bathla Advance Carbon – 4 Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder

Folding Hing: Parasnath Premium Heavy Folding Ladder with Wide steps is particularly designed for daily use.

Safe to use: The ladder comes with a smooth and easy folding hinge. It comes with a plastic top and anti-skid design for a better grip. It stars a long arch that gives you support and ensures safety. You can fold it when not in use.

Corrosion-Resistant Structure: The product is perfect for godown, shops, office, or warehouse. It has a corrosion-resistant structure for longer life. It stars a wide base design for a firm, comfortable and safe climb.


Bathla Advance Carbon 3 Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder

Lower Heavy Lag Support: Ladder stars a folding design that allows quick and time-saving storage after use. You can fold it into a compact structure, which can be easily stored when not in use. Conveniently, store it in your attic or basement after using it.

Safety Clutch Lock: The ladder has smooth, multi-position operating hinges, automatic safety locks, and stabilizer bars with rubber protected padding to ensure safety during operation.

Anti-skid Design: The 35-feet multi-purpose ladder is aluminum-crafted. It ensures ultimate durability and retains portability. A well-constructed ladder withstands a minimum weight of 150 Kg.


Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder With Scratch-Resistant Smart Platform

Smart Platform: Advance carbon series comes with an abrasion-proof powder-coated platform. It stars well-serrated grooves to ensure slip-free use.

Anti-skid Shoes: PVC Shoes give you unparalleled stability while the ladder is in use. They are specially designed to enhance safety; they form a strong grip even on wet surfaces.

Slip-free steps with ridges: The ladder features steps designed with rows of ridges that give your feet a slip-free surface while in use. It features precisely designed edge guards to maximize stability.

Sure-hinge Technology: Proprietary Sure-hinge technology features double-locking pivot points for a stable, wobble-free experience every time.


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