9 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India 2022 | Detailed Guide

Best Double Door Refrigerator in India: Refrigerators have become an essential part of our daily life. The first refrigerator for home was invented in the year 1913. And since then there has many innovation in the refrigerator in terms of look, design, and technology.

Do you want to buy The Best Double Door Refrigerator for Your Home? We come up with a list of best double door refrigerators which will help you to decide quite easily.

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best double door refrigerator

Samsung 253L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. Design is tremendous.
  2. The cooling process is too fast.
  3. Movable ice tray.

Cons –

  1. Makes an unwanted noise.
  2. There is no light inside the ice chamber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to make ice cubes?


Q: Is this refrigerator a convertible one?

A: No

Q: What is the length of an external power cable?

A: 2meters around

Q: Does this refrigerator have a cool pad?

A: Yes

Q: Do we need to use an additional stabilizer with this?

A: No

Expert Opinion

live at home samsung 258l double door refrigerator

This Samsung Refrigerator is an excellent option for keeping all your food fresh for a longer period of time. It has a large capacity of 253 liters, allowing you to store all of your essential food and groceries in a single location

Moreover, the fridge has an all-around cooling system that keeps it fresh by consistently cooling each and every part of it. Other than this, it provides different shelves that have enough space for convenient and organized storage of all your food items.

If you are looking for value for money with great performance, then you can opt for it. Special mention to its Freezer which is very powerful yet spacious, so, all in all, it is ideal for 3 or 4 member families.

Features of Samsung 253L Double Door Refrigerator

Advanced Digital Inverter Technology 

Samsung comes with an energy-efficient Digital Inverter Compressor that is always active, automatically adjusting its speed to meet the cooling demand, assuring a longer-lasting service.

Stabiliser Free Operation

This feature is an essential one as it guarantees stable operation, avoiding electrical damage or shorting if there are some fluctuations in voltage. Besides, if the voltage rises above a certain level, then it automatically cuts the power.

Movable Ice Maker

Using this function, you can easily dispense the ice cubes with a quick twist. 

Additionally, it is very convenient and movable, allowing you to make the most of your fridge space.

Door Alarm

If the door is not properly shut or left open for more than 2 minutes, then a Door Alarm will alert you. As a result, the door can be easily closed to stop the loss of cool air and energy waste.

best double door refrigerator

LG 260L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. In-built stabilizer coupled with a linear Inverter.
  2. Offers various advanced and useful features such as Smart Inverter Compressor, Multi-Air Flow, Auto Smart Connect, etc.
  3. Provide instant assistance and support using the Smart Diagnosis feature.

Cons –

  1. Fewer color options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is there a lock on this refrigerator?

A. Yes!

Q. How much energy does this refrigerator use on a yearly basis?

A. The Refrigerator consumes approx 194 units on a yearly basis.

Q. How many color variants are available?

A. As of now, it is only available in Silver color.

Q. Is this a convertible refrigerator?

A. Yes

Expert Opinion:

The very first double door refrigerator in our list is from LG which is one of the well-known names in consumer appliances in India.

This refrigerator is designed to provide you with unmatched performance, huge savings, and super silent operation. Moreover, it comes with many delightful features that ensure efficiency and reliability.

All in all, this refrigerator is worth buying with the value and support of the LG Brand.

Features of LG 260L Double Door Refrigerator 

Inverter Linear Compressor

Now, this is one of the amazing features that not only save power consumption but also reduces unwanted noise. This cutting-edge technology is intended to increase efficiency while also ensuring a longer period of freshness retention. Further, for this technology, LG offers a warranty of 10 years.

Auto Smart Connect 

Auto Smart Connect is a very innovative technology that is used to connect your refrigerator to the home inverter for continuous cooling. So that means, the refrigerator can run automatically by using the inverter power during outages. And the interesting fact about this technology is that it consumes energy less than that of 2 CFL bulbs.

Hygiene Fresh

LG comes with an intelligent air filter with advanced 5 steps antibacterial deodorization that not only kills 99.999% of bacteria but also reduces bad odor from the fridge. As a result, it keeps the food hygienic and healthy for a longer period of time.

Door Cooling

This feature of LG evenly maintains the temperature and cools the refrigerator 35% faster than the standard cooling system. In addition to this, it adds two extra vents to the fridge, which helps to retain cooling even though the door is constantly opened and closed.

Multi Air Flow

The refrigerator has various airflow cooling vents that disperse cold air in the entire fridge. As a result, it ensures consistent cooling and long-term freshness.

Smart Diagnosis

As the name suggests, it is actually a smart feature of LG that will assist you in troubleshooting the problems and helping you to avoid engineer visits and save time.

Moist Balance Crisper

LG offers an innovative lattice-pattern box cover that will help to maintain the optimum level of moisture inside the refrigerator.

best double door refrigerator

Whirlpool 265L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. Moisture-controlling compartments for storing fruits and vegetables.
  2. With its Ice twister & Collector box, one can easily scatter and collect ice cubes.
  3. The fridge has a Freshonizer that extends the life of fruits and veggies in your crisper by absorbing ethylene gas.

Cons –

  1. There is no light present in the upper compartment.
  2. The deep freezer fan makes an unusual noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much energy does a 3-star whirlpool double door refrigerator use every year?

A:190 units

Q: Is it possible to remove the ice cream trolly?

A: Yes

Q: Is inverter mode present in this fridge?

A: Yes, there is an in-built inverter compressor available that extends the refrigerator’s life and eliminates the need for a stabilizer.

Q: Does this provide a lock system?

A: Yes

Expert Opinion

Whirlpool 265L Double Door Refrigerator which is known as India’s most intelligent refrigerator that offers a variety of exciting features. And Its intelligent really remarkable.

The refrigerator receives a 3-star rating which is the best for any double door fridge. Moreover, this fridge has an ample amount of storage space and cools quickly, which makes it superior to other refrigerators in these areas.

In addition to this, its StayCool technology ensures 24-hours cooling retention. Further, because of its capacity of 265 L, one can easily store fruits, vegetables, and other food items in this fridge.

It uses flex vents to allow fresh air to flow in, ensuring uniform cooling across all layers, while the Active Deo keeps the fridge fresh and odor-free. 

Overall this refrigerator is good and values for money, very classy design.

Features of Samsung 253L Double Door Refrigerator:

Zeolite Technology

Wow, this function will help to prevent fruits and vegetables from excessive ripening and keeps them fresh for a longer period.

Micro Block Technology

Micro block Technology is one of the most advanced technologies that help in the prevention of bacteria up to 99 percent. As a result, it keeps the food items fresh, healthy, and hygienic for longer.

Honeycomb Moisture Lock Crisper Cover

Vegetable Crisper with another smart Honeycomb Moisture Lock-in Technology that keeps your groceries fresher for longer by maintaining optimal moisture levels.

Optimum Moisture Retention

The cold air flows around the compartment in this Intellifresh Convertible range, keeping the contents cool while maintaining their moisture and natural freshness.

Stabilizer Free Function

This refrigerator can run without an additional stabilizer even when the voltage fluctuates a lot (160V-300V).

best double door refrigerator

Haier 258L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. It has a 3-star energy-saving mode that makes it cost-effective.
  2. This refrigerator is equipped with R600a Refrigerant.
  3. It offers very spacious and well-organized functions.

Cons –

  1. Customer Support of Haier is very pathetic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much energy does it consume yearly?

A: 182 unit

Q: Is there a stand included?

A: No.

Q: Is Coolpad available in this fridge?

A: No

Q: How many lights are present in the fridge?


Final Verdict:

Haier’s new Dual Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator comes with a warranty of 10-years on its compressor and fans motor. Due to dual inverter is consume lowest energy others than Samsung, LG and Whirlpool.

This top mount double door refrigerator is built in such a way that gives your kitchen a sleek, premium, and lavish look.

Furthermore, it features 5-IN-1 Convertible Mode, Twin Energy Saving Modes, Turbo Icing, Easy Slide Shelf, and stabilizer-free operation with a voltage range of 135-290V in order to protect the compressor from power fluctuations.

All the feature brand mention work very well. This refrigerator is value for money as it offers a lot of storage capacity along with many advanced features and lowest price as compare to others.

Prominent Features of Haier 258L Double Door Refrigerator:

Toughened Glass Shelves

The Haier 258 Litre Double Door Refrigerator is equipped with Toughened Glass shelves to hold heavy utensils for lasting freshness.

PUF Insulation

As compared to other traditional fridges, it has a thicker Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF) insulation, which aids in the efficient preservation of low temperatures for better cooling.

Twin Inverter Technology

This technology allows the compressor and fan to operate at various speeds depending on the load that the fridge needs, resulting in cost and energy savings.

Bigger Vegetable Container

This bigger container lets you keep your fruits and fresh veggies. Due to its larger and more spacious design, along with the multi-air flow, keeps your food fresh for a longer period of time.

In-built Stabilizer 

Power fluctuations should no longer be an issue since this refrigerator can operate without a stabilizer on low power of supply as low as 135V.

best double door refrigerator

Godrej 260L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. This refrigerator has Carbon Palladium Deodorizer.
  2. It provides Toughened Glass shelves.
  3. This Godrej 260L Double Door Refrigerator has an Auto defrost feature.

Cons –

  1. Sometimes it may cause noise.
  2. The refrigerator’s body is made up of middle-grade plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the energy star rating of this double-door refrigerator?

A: 2 – star

Q. How much energy does this refrigerator consume annually?

A: 295 units per year.

Q: How to keep my refrigerator odor-free and fresh at all times?

A: It has advanced Active Deo technology which keeps the fridge fresh and odor-free for a longer time.

Final Verdict:

The Godrej 260L Double Door Refrigerator has been designed to provide you with utility along with a premium quality look to your home or kitchen. It is energy-efficient and environmental-friendly, thanks to its unique Green Balance technology.

Moreover, this fridge provides consistent cooling and performs well even in low-voltage environments. It can operate with voltage variations of up to 130 volts

If you are looking for energy efficiency, enough storage then this refrigerator from Godrej can be a smart choice for you.

Prominent Features of Godrej 260L Double Door Refrigerator:

StayCool Technology

You will not have to worry about the freshness and hygiene of your food during power cuts as this refrigerator has advanced StayCool technology.

Aroma Lock Deodorizer

With the help of its unique Aroma Lock Deodorizer, it controls the aroma and eliminates bad odor, thus keeping your food fresh for longer

Advanced Anti-B technology

The Anti-B technology in this Godrej 260L Double Door Refrigerator releases silver ions from the cooling chamber’s air duct, keeping the food fresh and germ-free.

ZOP Technology

It can prevent rusting of the refrigerator’s surface and interior, which could lead to food poisoning or the formation of harmful bacteria. The ZOP protects both your refrigerator and your food.

best double door refrigerator

Panasonic 268L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. The storage space of this refrigerator is 20% larger than its previous models.
  2. It comes with a jumbo veggie box.
  3. Provides height adjustable shelves.

Cons –

  1. It is not ideal for a large family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the dimensions of this refrigerator?

A: Height – 5ft 10″ ie 1785 mm, Width – 2ft 5″ ie 745mm and Length – 2ft 11″ ie 895mm.

Q: Does this fridge have an in-built stabilizer?

A: Yes

Q: Does it have lights in the freezer compartment?

A: No

Final Verdict:

The next on our list is this elegant refrigerator from Panasonic which features advanced technologies for precise temperature and uniform cooling. With a wide capacity of 268 liters, plentiful storage space, and surround cooling, this makes this a perfect refrigerator for any family. 

Further, this ergonomic inverter refrigerator is highly energy-efficient and works perfectly well. It meets all of your storage needs and more. The bluish shelves and pockets inside compliment the seamless finish of this refrigerator, making it a stylish addition to your kitchen. 

Overall, it is one of the best refrigerators in India with great cooling and a plethora of exciting features. Besides, it gives a 1-year warranty on the product and a 10-year warranty on its compressor.

Prominent Features of Panasonic 268L Double Door Refrigerator:

Air Filter

It kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, mold, and organisms, while the twin deodorizer keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh at all times by eliminating foul odors from meat and vegetables.

Smart Cooling Technology

This refrigerator comes with an intelligent inverter that adjusts the temperature ensuring optimum food temperature with the least amount of energy.

AG Clean Technology

The AG clean Technology keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh, hygienic, and nutritious.

Toughened Glass Shelves

The elegant and solid toughened glass shelves in this refrigerator have been designed to easily accommodate heavier utensils.

Humidity Controller

You can manually control the optimal humidity based on the amount of food stored and the types of vegetables and fruit using the Humidity Control Slider.

Twister Ice Tray

The Twister Ice Tray makes it easy to prepare chilled drinks at home.

best double door refrigerator

Motorola 271L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. Its Freezer has wider storage space.
  2. Looks elegant with a nice finish.

Cons –

  1. There is no lock system available for fridge locking.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the refrigerator have egg trays?

A: Yes

Q: Is it convertible?

A: No

Q: Does this fridge work on an inverter?

A: No

Q: Is the bottle rack available in this refrigerator?

A: Yes

Final Verdict:

This Frost-free, Double-door Motorola 271 L Refrigerator is ideal for your family. It has Adaptive Inverter Technology and a 6 Step Inverter Compressor, allowing it to achieve freezer temperatures of minus 22 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it is available in a premium black finish look with Uniglass Sheet to transform your decor.

Other than this, with the aid of its 6 Stage Inverter Compressor, the Adaptive Inverter Technology in this refrigerator makes it up to 35 percent more energy efficient. 

This refrigerator is an excellent product, looks classy, and ideal for a family of 3-4 members.

Prominent Features of Motorola 271L Double Door Refrigerator:

TruSmart Sensors

Depending on the ambient temperature, internal load, and usage habits, the TruSmart Sensors help maintain the proper temperature inside.

Stabilizer-free Operation

Its Stabilizer free operation prevents the compressor from high voltage fluctuations.

OmniCool Technology

Its multi-directional, 360-degree air vents ensure uniform ventilation inside the fridge, resulting in optimal temperatures in all areas.

Jumbo Vegetable Crisper

The refrigerator comes with a jumbo fruit-and-vegetable drawer that allows maximum storage and a large compartment to store your green veggies.

Removable Anti-bacterial Gasket

The removable Anti-bacterial gasket is easy to clean that prevents fungi and bacteria from growing inside the refrigerator.

Home Inverter support

It also supports home inverters, so you can connect your fridge to your home inverter during power cuts.

best double door refrigerator

MarQ by Flipkart 308L Double Door Refrigerator

Pros –

  1. The freezer is quite spacious.
  2. There is no ice freezing problem
  3. Less noise

Cons –

  1. Slow customer service.
  2. As compared to other brands the doors feel lighter.
  3. No light present in the freezer part.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the length of the Power cable?

A: Approx 1.5mtr

Q: Is a stabilizer required for operation?

A: No

Q: What is the capacity of the deep freezer?

A: 5Ltr

Q: What is the actual size of the Vegetable Container?

A: 34L Capacity

Final Verdict:

This Frost-free, Double-door refrigerator from MarQ is a perfect fit for your home and family. It features Smart Inverter technology and a 6-Step Inverter Compressor, allowing it to reach minus 22°C in the freezer. Besides, this refrigerator has a recessed handle and a steel finish to match the interior of your home.

Furthermore, it comes with activated carbon, powered with silver ions, which help deactivate bacteria up to 99%.

Overall it is a good product at a reasonable price that offers almost all the required features.

Prominent Features of MarQ by Flipkart 308L Double Door Refrigerator:

Smart Sensor Technology

Smart sensors help in monitoring the ambient temperature, the internal load inside the fridge, and door usage to maintain the temperature inside the refrigerator automatically for perfect cooling and energy usage.

Intelligent Inverter Technology

With its 6 Step Inverter compressor, the Intelligent Inverter Technology in this refrigerator saves up to 35 percent on electricity. Moreover, it also has a noise level of 35 dB, so you won’t get troubled due to any annoying noise.

Humidity Control Slider

The Humidity Control Slider controls the airflow within the vegetable crisper. A humidity drawer is a special compartment that lets you monitor the amount of moisture inside the fridge by restricting or enabling air exchange between the drawer and other parts of the fridge.

Wide Vegetable Container

The fridge also comes with a larger drawer for fruits-and-vegetables. Additionally, the drawer glides easily, and the door pockets are wider and deeper, along with a 22% larger door bottle shelf.

Double door Refrigerator Buying Guide:

Hey, if you are unsure of what you should look for before purchasing a double door refrigerator, then read on. Because you have landed in the right place.

In this post, we are going to share some important aspects that will help you to find the perfect fit that suits your requirements. This guide will surely remove the clouds of doubts and you can effortlessly choose the best one for you

So without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the guide.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing a Refrigerator:

  • Overall Capacity
  • Inverter Technology
  • Design
  • BEE Star Rating
  • OmniCool/Uniform Cooling Technology
  • Advanced Power Backup Technology
  • Active Fresh Technology
  • Built-in Stabiliser
  • Warranty
  • Cost

1. Overall Capacity

The very first question you need to ask yourself is, “How much capacity (indicated with Litres) do I need?” Because,  some models have a large freezer capacity, while others have a large vegetable storage capacity.

The higher the liter amount, the larger the storage capacity. Single Door Refrigerators have storage capacities as high as 250 liters, while Double Door Refrigerators have storage capacities ranging from 235 to 495 liters.

If you have a big family then a double door refrigerator is a great option for you that will never let you run out of storage.

2. Inverter Technology

Inverter technology lowers energy costs while also extending the compressor’s life. Refrigerators with inverter compressors are highly recommended.

In addition to this, the compressor will operate at various speeds depending on the cooling load, all thanks to this technology. 

Moreover, the compressor works at a lower capacity. when the temperature falls below a certain threshold. It only turns back on when the temperature rises. This can save up to 20%-30% of power consumption.

3. Design

The design also matters a lot. These types of refrigerators have two different compartments, one for the fridge and the other is for the freezer.

However, there are two types of refrigerators available. Freezers are placed on the top of some refrigerators and some have them at the bottom. And they are known as Top Mounted Freezer and Bottom Mounted Freezer.

  • Top Mounted Freezer
    The freezer is placed in the upper section of the refrigerator, while the primary refrigerator is in the lower section. In most double-door refrigerators, this is the most common configuration.
  • Bottom Mounted Freezer
    These kinds of Refrigerators have recently launched. In this, the freezer box is located at the bottom of the fridge with the main food items compartment above it.

4. BEE Star Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency assigns a ranking to refrigerators based on their energy consumption. A 5-Star BEE rating indicates the highest level of efficiency, while a 1-Star rating indicates the lowest level of efficiency.

But, the highest star ratings are also the most expensive ones but don’t worry as it can save you more money in the long run by consuming less energy.

5-Star Double Door Refrigerators are hard to find in India, and they are also very costly. Refrigerators with ratings of 3 and 4 stars have the best combination of utility and power usage.

Hence, we would recommend you to buy a refrigerator that has at least 3 to 4 ratings. However, if you have some budget issue then in this case you can opt for a refrigerator that has a lower rating than 3 stars.

5. OmniCool/Uniform Cooling Technology

You will get inconsistent cooling in a traditional single-door refrigerator. That means the fridge cools down near the freezer to help with ice production. The other areas do not cool in a consistent manner.

However, technology has evolved dramatically in recent years. Modern refrigerators cool uniformly from top to bottom, preserving the freshness of fruits, vegetables, fried, and frozen foods for longer periods of time.

The fridges have several air vents that are strategically positioned to keep the refrigerator cool all the time. Some refrigerators have cutting-edge door cooling technology, while others have meticulously designed cooling vents under each shelve.

Some refrigerators offer 360-degree airflow to ensure constant cooling and temperature inside. While Some use “dual fans” to cool the freezer and refrigerator separately.

Technologies such as the “Ice Beam Door,” reduces the temperature difference between the fridge’s inner compartments and door. This will further help the refrigerator cool 35 times faster than standard systems.

6. Advanced Power Backup Technology

One of the most significant disadvantages of traditional refrigerators is that they use more energy and cannot be connected to an inverter. A power outage that lasts for several hours in this situation will cause the food to become stale.

However, refrigerator manufactures have introduced the new concept of “Smart Connect Technology.” to overcome this challenge. During a power outage, it automatically connects the fridge to your home inverter. This keeps the food safe and fresh for a longer period of time.

In India, top refrigerator brands include “Cooling Gel,” which is a cool gas that is released into the air. The cold gel will circulate inside the fridge even if there is a power outage, keeping it cool for longer.

During power outages, another technology called “Cool Pack” uses cool gel to keep your fruits, and vegetables are frozen for up to 12 hours.

7. Active Fresh Technology

This technology is used in most high-quality refrigerators, and it keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for weeks. They have a large storage area, with a vegetable drawer on the bottom and a fresh fruit crisper on top. As a result, it prevents food odors from getting mixed up.

Further, today most refrigerators also have an “antimicrobial additive technology” that prevents the growth of 99 percent of bacteria, ensuring that food remains fresh and of good quality for as long as possible.

Another advanced feature you’ll come across while searching for a refrigerator is Zeolite Technology. It keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh and crisp for longer by preventing them from overripening.

8. Built-in Stabilizer

Even if the voltage goes haywire, the fridge’s power will stay stable without causing any harm thanks to the built-in stabilizer. We strongly advise you to purchase a refrigerator with this amazing feature.

9. Warranty

Fridges will typically last for more than 5-10 years before degrading inefficiency. However, since they are often sensitive to electrical issues, choosing a fridge with a long warranty might be a great option.

10. Cost

Double-door refrigerators are typically more expensive than single-door refrigerators because they have more powerful functions and a larger storage capacity.

Don’t be tempted by a super-cheap fridge because it will almost certainly have a big compromise in one way or another.

Hold your bar somewhere above Rs 20000 as a decent rule of thumb.


In this guide, we have provided a list of the best double door refrigerators as well as discussed some useful tips that you should keep in mind before buying a new fridge for your family.

A refrigerator is an expensive purchase, especially if you want a good one for your home. Make sure it offers all the required features to provide effective cooling and keep food bacteria-free, healthy, and crisp for a longer period of time.

I hope this guide has helped you get the best value for your money. Hence, if you follow this article, then you will definitely be able to purchase yourself the best refrigerator in India.

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