Best Kitchen Exhaust Fans in India 2021

best kitchen exhaust fan

Luminous Vento 200mm White Deluxe Exhaust Fan with 5 Blades

High Speed:  The exhaust fan features superior quality blades. It delivers 950 revolutions per minute, which optimizes oscillations and enhances airflow.

Corrosion-resistant Body: The appliance comes with anti-corrosive coatings on its body and fan blades. This feature makes it durable and long-lasting.

Strong Air Suction: The strong air suction caused by the rapid movement of the fan blades ensures that the surrounding air is fresh and clean.

Stylish Design: The elegant design of the home appliance adds to the beauty of the kitchen or bathroom.

Dust Protection Shutters: Dust protection shutter of the exhaust fan prevents the accumulation of dust so that it retains its classy look for extended periods.

best kitchen exhaust fan

Havells Ventilair DSP 230 mm Exhaust Fan

Sturdy Metal Construction: The exhaust fan features a metallic body and blades. This feature makes the fan more durable and adds years to the longevity of the fan.

Powder-coated Metal Bits: The home appliance features powder-coated metal bits.  This feature makes the fan rust-proof, adding years to the life of the fan.

Excellent air-flow Rate: Thanks to the 230 mm sweep size, the exhaust fan can facilitate the flow of 510cmh air. The fan features a robust motor that can work and shift the air throughout the day without any interruption.

Bird Guards: The fan sports a metal guard made of metal spokes.  The bird guard prevents birds from flowing into the exhaust fan creating mess and jamming the fan blades when it is running.

High-Speed Fan: It is a high-speed fan. The fan blades rotate at the speed of 1350 RPM that makes it effective in removing bad odour and stale air. The robust motor of the exhaust fan ensures that the fan can operate continuously for hours maintaining a constant speed.

Aerodynamically Designed and Balanced Fan Blades:  Havells Ventilair Exhaust Fan features aerodynamically designed fan blades, ensuring that the blades can move the optimum amount of air.

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