Best Kitchen Hobs In India 2021 [Cooktop Hob]

Kitchen Hobs

Prestige Schott Glass 3 Burner Kitchen Hobs With Auto Ignition

Unique Design: The kitchen appliance comes with a unique design that lets you use it as a hob and gas stove. It has the shape of a hob but comes with legs so that you can use it as a gas stove.

Iron Pan Support: The appliance features premium quality cast iron body. It provides maximum stability and durability for pots and pans. This feature ensures smooth functioning and hassle-free service.

One-touch Auto Ignition: Advanced auto-ignition system ensures aflame every time the knob gets twisted. The continuous spark technology ensures smooth functioning and problem-free service.

Sabaf lotus-shaped Burner: The Sabaf lotus-shaped burner provides uniform heating and consumes lesser gas. It offers faster cooking than regular brass burners and is suitable for Indian cooking vessels. These burners come in three different sizes, to suit all your cooking needs.

Gas Valves from Sabaf Italy: The kitchen appliance features high precision extremely durable valves. It offers high-performance, problem-free operations for extended periods.

Aesthetic Design: The Gas top has the world’s Slimmest Design that complements your kitchen interior. The kitchen appliance has a dual color tone and toughened Schott glass surface that gives it a complementary feature.

Product Dimensions: The product measures 770 mm by 460 mm by 140 mm.

Kitchen Hobs

Elica Ultra Slim Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Floating Design: The Gas top has an Ultra Slim Floating Design that is attractive, and complements your kitchen interior. The kitchen appliance has a black glass finish, which gives the gas top another complementary feature.

Free Standing Cooktop: The kitchen appliance includes a freestanding cooktop. It allows for easy installation and offers a sturdy grip to give you easy and hassle-free cooking.

High-Quality Knobs: This feature allows you to connect the gas appliance with ease. The 360-degree rotating nozzle does not require you to change the position of the cylinder.

It will help if you turn the gas nozzle in the direction of the cylinder to connect the gas stove. It is relatively easy and saves both your time and effort.

Cast-Iron Pan Support: The kitchen appliance stars enameled cast iron pan support. It helps the utensils to get support and allows the dish to cook correctly. The coating enables easy gas flow and avoids rust formations.

Product Dimensions: The product measures 750 mm by 450 mm by 45 mm. It comes with a cutting size of 710 mm by 410 mm.

Heavy Brass Burner: Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop features high-efficient brass burners. Brass has a thermal efficiency, and it ensures the retention of heat. The brass burners help in distributing heat for cooking processes.

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