Best Microwave Utensils in India 2022 [Choose the Best]

Best Microwave Utensil

Femora Borosilicate Glass Food Storage Container with Air Vent Lid

Tight, Freezable, and Leak-proof Borosilicate Glass: The borosilicate glass containers are tight, leak-proof, and freezable. Since the lids have a leakage-proof feature, you can use containers as lunch boxes.

Microwave and Oven Safe These bowls are microwave and oven safe. With Femora Borosilicate Glass Food containers, you do not need to transfer the leftovers into another container.

Dishwasher Safe: The microwave containers are entirely dishwasher safe. This feature ensures hassle-free cleaning.

Purpose: You can use these kitchen containers for reheating, baking, and serving. It suits homemade baby food, for taking lunch on the go and packing tiffin, snacks, etc.

BPS and BPA Free Containers: The round bowls come with flat bottoms for transparent and safe to use because they are entirely BPS and BPA free. If you heat, freeze, or bake in these microwave containers, they won’t produce a characteristic odor or taste of chemicals.

Best Microwave Utensil

Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl –Set of 3

Withstand 300-degree Centigrade temperature: The containers feature borosilicate glass. This feature ensures that the glass container withstands temperature up to 300-degree Centigrade.

Transparent Borosilicate Glass Bowls: The product weighs 2.3 Kgs and contains a set of three borosilicate glass bowls. These bowls are transparent and would look great on your dining table.

Prepare cookies, pancakes with Microwave containers: Three bowls come with different sizes to hold different quantities of food. You can use these bowls to prepare batters for cookies, pancakes, and cakes. You can knead the dough and prepare salads in these vessels.

Easy To Use: You can rinse and wash the Microwave containers with soap and lukewarm water. It is relatively easy to use. You need to cleanse the boxes before first use.

Serves good, looks good: While these bowls keep your food safe, they look good too. The Glass Bowl remains scratch-free and does not get cloudy.

Don’t Leech Chemicals Into Food: Unlike plastic and ordinary glass, Borosilicate Glass Bowl does not chemicals into food even after repeated use. They are safe to use.

Best Microwave Utensil

Parasnath Micro Wave Stainless Steel Euro Lid Bowl Set 3 Bowls

Temperature Check: The multipurpose microwave container has an elegant design to give your dining area a stylish look. The microwave bowl is dishwasher safe. The product includes improved food grade colour.

Plastic Lid: The air-tight plastic lid keeps the content fresh for a long time. The microwave bowls are available in red, blue, and yellow. The product comes with three bowls of different sizes that come with air-tight opaque lids in white.

Microwave Safe: It has a stainless steel interior and stunning red exterior made of food-grade plastic.

Premium quality Multi purpose Bowls: The product includes multipurpose bowls that you can use to cook, reheat, serve, and store food.

The premium quality of the bowls prevents the leaching of chemical products. The bowls keep food fresh for an extended period and are safe to use.

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