10 Best Office Chair in India 2022 | Ergonomic Chair for Long Work

The Best Ergonomic Office chair becomes very popular after the lockdown starts in India, and the work from home duty starts with the lockdown. Working on a normal chair for 8 to 9 hours is difficult, I feel it.

Before purchasing any office chair, you need to know which is the best office chair in India? Also, do you know, the ergonomic design office chair is the best in the world?

Along with these, you need to know which chair has lumbar support, adjustable armrest, lock mechanism, breathable mesh, headrest, and maximum load capacity for heavy people.

Best Office Chair

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Best Office Chair

Innowin® Jazz High Back Mesh Office Chair for Office & Home

Lumbar SupportYes
Adjustable ArmrestYes
Lock MechanismSingle Front Position Lock
Breathable MeshYes
Adjustable Headrest Yes/Without Headrest
Load Capacity120Kg

Lumbar Support: It is the best system for any good ergonomic office chair. It helps to keep your spinal cord as well as body straight which leads to a back pain-free office experience at home.

Adjustable Armrest: Previously, I own a chair without an adjustable armrest. And this chair armrest irritates me for some time. So, it is helpful to buy a chair with an adjustable armrest. This chair armrest is excellent.

Lock Mechanism: This chair has a heavy duty single front position lock synchro comfortable and easy mechanism.

Breathable Mesh: In my experience, the mesh is the best in the office chair, and it comes with high-quality breathable mesh that doesn’t felt sweat.

Material & Weight: Build with glass-filled nylon and 50mm caster wheels that can bear up to 120 kgs weight.

Assembly: Basic assembly is required and comes with assembly instruction.

Best Office Chair

Green Soul Office Chair – Ergonomic Multi-Tasking Chair

MaterialBreathable mesh material
ArmrestT-shaped adjustable armrest 
HeadrestBreathable cool and nice  
360-Degree swivelsVersatile range of motion and multi-tasking convenience 
Weight capacityMaximum 110kg

Breathable Mesh Material: The breathable mesh material of the Green Soul Office Chair allows air to circulate which keeps you cool while sitting in a relaxing manner.

Adjustable Lumbar Support:The lumbar support can be pushed backward or forward as per your comfort and need by rotating the Lumbar Support clockwise and anti-clockwise.It also features an adjustable headrest to support your neck and head.

Adjustable Headrest:The adjustable mesh headrest is suitable for your head and neck.It also makes your feel better when you work,it’s breathable and allows air to flow keeping it cool & nice.

360-Degree Swivels:The chair swivels offer a versatile range of motion; it can rotate 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience. It features nylon casters that offer ease of movement.

Comfortable Armrest: Green Soul Office Chair comes with an adjustable armrest that provides comfort to your arms while working. The T shaped armrest is adjustable in height and can be locked as per your requirement.

Best Office Chair

Nice Chair High Back Executive Revolving Office Chair

Design & materialBeautiful design & leatherette material
Backrest and headrestGood
ArmrestNot Adjustable
360-degree swivelsVersatile range of motion and multi-tasking convenience
Weight capacity200kg maximum

This office chair is craftly designed for all who love to sit on a chair and continue work by hours together.It also long lasting and good for backrest,headrest and armrest.Breathable lumbar support keeps you sweat free.

Design and material: This product is made of leatherette material and nicely designed for your office and home. The 5 smooth nylon caster wheels make it easy to roll around your workplace. It is a multi-tasking convenience, durable, and easy to use.

Comfortable backrest: You feel good to keep your back on it. It is lumbar support back that keeps you sweat free. So you can continually sit on this chair and work comfortably.

Good headrest:This chair gives you a good headset.Keep your head in the right position and enjoy a cool feeling at your working hours.

Adjustable armrest:Everyone wants a comfortable armrest chair.This is beautifully designed to keep the arm in a relaxed position and you will feel much better when you keep your arm on the armrest.

360-Degree Swivels:The chair swivels offer a versatile range of motion; it can rotate 360 degrees for multi-tasking convenience. It is very easy to move.

Best Office Chair

Amazon Basics Full Back Executive Ergonomic Chair

Design & materialClassical and Leather 
360-degree swivelsVersatile range of motion and multi-tasking convenience
Nylon clasterSmooth and easy to move
Weight capacity120kg

It was launched on the 26th of May 2020; AmazonBasics has manufactured a stunning looking ergonomic chair. This classically designed chair can be used in your office as well as in your home because of its rich features.

Ergonomics: This product follows a pelvic neutral sitting position that is excellent for low back pain and neck pain. This chair is designed using foam that makes you feel comfortable and you can sit on it for as long as you want.

There is a lever to adjust it according to your height. It comes with five caster wheels for ease of movement.

360-Degree swivel and Nylon caster: This chair is multi-tasking convenient and offers a 360-degree versatile range of motion. Its nylon caster allows for smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another.

Assembly:  This chair comes disassembled in the box and you can assemble it easily by looking at the user manual.

Durability:  The upper layer of the foam is covered with upholstery fabric, which is durable and can survive regular abuse. This chair can withstand a maximum weight of 120 Kg.

Best Office Chair

Green Soul Vienna Executive Office Ergonomic Chair

Design & materialErgonomically shaped and leatherette material
5 robust caster wheelsMake it long lasting and easy to move
Armrest and  backrestSuitable for all
360-degree swivelsHelps for multi- tasking convenience
Weight capacity150kg to 200kg

Next on our list is the Green Soul Brand –which is known for pioneering and quality products.  There is extra padding on the seat, back, headrest and armrests, which makes this chair extremely comfortable.

5 robust-caster wheels: The chair can be tilted and adjusted at any angle between 90 degrees and 105 degrees. The chair comes with robust 5 caster wheels designed using ABS that makes it long-lasting and offers ease of movement. This ergonomic chair has a load-bearing capacity of 150 to 200kg.

Ergonomically shaped: This chair is designed ergonomically shaped which is good for our spine and back support.

Dual colour:Black and Brown dual-color make it look visually appealing. It can easily fit with your home and office décor.

360-degree swivels: It has 5 PU castors that make it incredibly easy to move. The 360-degrees helps for multi-tasking convenience.

Assembly: Apart from that easy assembly and classy looks makes it a good choice for your home or office. There is a minor drawback, as it can be tilted it gets locked only in the upright position It comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Best Office Chair

MRC Executive Chairs -Always inspiring more

Design & materialSleek and leatherette upholstery material
360-degree swivelGives a versatile range of motion
DurableLong lasting
Weight capacity120kg

Design: It offers sleek design office chairs that provide day-long comfort and a central-tilt mechanism with a tilt lock lever to support your body’s natural movements.

Material: It comes disassembled and can be assembled within a few seconds. The seat is made using leatherette upholstery material, filled with high-density foam.

Height & weight: You can adjust your chair height up to 44.5 to 48 inches, width up to 21 inches, and seat depth up to 22 inches.

360-degree swivel: It is a revolving chair with a 360-degree swivel, which gives a versatile range of motion & has 5 smooth casters that make it easy to roll around your home or office, allowing for multi-tasking convenience.

Durable: They are durable and cater to various segments like visitor chairs, office chair, boss chair, director chair, etc. It is strong enough to support 120 kg of evenly distributed weight.

Best Office Chair

Nilkamal Blaze Medium Office Chair – Ergonomic Office Chair

MaterialClassy stainless steel
Adjustable heightAdjust according to your choice
Armrest and BackrestVery good
Caster wheelsEasy to move
Weight capacity150kg

This product is specially designed for someone who finds it difficult to sit for a long time span while working. It offers you seat and back adjusts height adjustment as well.

Material: It is made of classy stainless steel, and this product is long-lasting and offers toughness so that you can say goodbye to all your worries.

Highly comfortable: The Company always puts effort into designing products that provide maximum benefits at minimum prices. To make sure that you maintain the perfect posture, Nilkamal brings you a highly comfortable and ergonomic office chair.

Adjustable for home/office:This chair is black in color and adjusts well with your home or office interior. It has a revolving seat with one position locking system and fixed armrest.

Suitable armrest:Nilkamal Blaze Medium Office chair is very much suitable for your armrest.You feel comfort when you keep your arm  on it.

Backrest:This chair offers you a comfortable backrest.When you keep your back on it you surely feel much better and easy.

Adjustable height: You can adjust the height according to your choice. It comes with caster wheels for ease of movement.

Best Office Chair

Urban Ladder Eisner Office Chair – Ergonomic Multi-Tasking Chair

MaterialBreathable mesh
HeadrestAdjustable headrest and good for your neck 
Caster wheelsFree-rolling caster wheels offer easy to move
Weight capacity100kg

This is a quality product manufactured by Urban Ladder, which is an online marketplace for furniture and home décor products.

Headrest: One of the advantages is that it comes in a pre-assembled state, unlike others. So there are no hassles involved in assembling the products. The heights of the headrest and seat are both adjustable. Also, the headrest can be fixed at any angle to suit your neck.

Armrest: This chair is good for keeping your arm in an adjustable position. It is also good for lower back support.

Design & material: The chair is made up of breathable mesh. Both the seat and back can be curved in a way to provide maximum comfort. The upholstery and contemporary design make it a good-looking ergonomic chair for regular use.

Caster wheels: Free-rolling caster wheels offer ease of movement from one place to the other. It comes with a 1-year warranty for the life of the product.

Best Office Chair

SAVYA Home by Apex Furniture – Ergonomic Co-Polymer Chair

MaterialBreathable thick mesh material
Nylon casterDual- wheel nylon caster
Armrest & backrestGood and comfortable
HeightAdjust height according to your choice
Weight capacity100kg

Co-polymer Chair: Savya home office furniture is designed for those who are empowered to do what’s the best. It delivers the end results that never go out of style.  It is an ergonomic co polymer chair with a black countered mesh back.

Armrest: It has a strong plastic armrest and a heavy-duty base. It offers a 5-inch height adjustment and a 2-inch padded seat for long day comfort.

Weight capacity: It can take a maximum weight of 100 Kg. It comes pre-assembled and you can assemble it using the instruction provided in the package.

Nylon caster: It features dual-wheel nylon casters for smooth maneuverability. The dual-wheel casters offer a smooth glide on most surface types.

Thick mesh cushion: It has a thick mesh seat cushion that provides you the ultimate comfy sitting experience throughout the day.

Extra comfort and height: It has a larger and longer cushion compared to the others, which provides extra comfort. It comes with a one-touch height adjustment so that you can get a suitable position to improve your posture.

Best Office Chair

Apex Delta MB Chairs -Ergonomic Office Chair

Design & materialHighly designed and ergonomic co-polymar
Armrest and backrestGood and comfortable
Umbrella  shape base Heavy plastic shape good for all
360-degree swivels and caster wheel Helps to move easily
Weight capacity100kg maximum

High quality:The brand Apex Furniture is known for providing the highest quality products. Delta MB Chairs is perfect for people who sit for a longer period of time and have back pain.

Height and backrest:The height of this chair can be adjusted as per your needs. The height can be adjusted from 18 inches to 23 inches. Backrest provides enough support and comfort to your back and lumbar area.

Armrest:Our arm is an important organ which helps us to do many work.so we need to keep it in rest sometime.And this chair is good for our armrest support.

360-degree swivel:This chair has 360-degree swivel and caster wheels for ease of movement. This chair is dispatched in a semi pre-assembled manner.

Umbrella shape base:This chair is specially designed for those who love to sit in a chair for a long time for their work.It has a heavy plastic umbrella shaped base that gives you comfort.

So you need to assemble it yourself or ask for a professional to help you. It comes with a 1-year warranty for the life of the product.

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