9 Best Washing Machine in India 2020 | Ultimate Explained!


We will not make any intro. We will directly talk about washing machines. We have listed the 9 best washing machines in India.

I don’t know what your choice is. We have classified the best washing Machine from three different sides: one is Front-load fully automatic washing machine, second is Top Load fully automatic washing machine and third is Top Load Semi-automatic washing machine

Do you know all about Front loading, Top loading, or Automatic and semi-automatic washing machine? if not, click these links to know more about these.

Front Loading Vs Top Loading Automatic Vs Semi-Automatic

When we talk about the best automatic washing machine from different brands, first comes brand trust and choice. The brands which come with washing machines are Samsung, LG, Bosch, Whirlpool, IFB, etc.

After brands, the next requirement comes features, load capacity according to your family members, advantage, and disadvantage.

We will choose the best washing machine according to two things, one is according to the best features and another with brand trust.

What is the best Front load automatic washing machine?

The Front loading washing machine is the most advanced washing machine in the world. This type of machine you will get advanced features of washing machines. But why is this called a front load washing machine?

The single line answer is that in front load washing machine laundry needs to enter into the machine from the front side, that’s why it is called.

1. IFB Washing Machine 7.5 kg Front Load – Elite WX

Aqua Energie:  This is a filtration device that attaches with the machine to energize the water. By doing this it helps to dissolves detergent in a better way to give clothes a softer wash.

Cradle wash: If your IFB washing machine has a Cradle wash program then you have a different wash program to choose for your different type of clothes. As Silks, laces, satins, chiffons, and delicates each program includes in the machine that deserves special care.

3D Wash System: Wash with soaks can give better wash every time. Soaking can pull out extremely stuff stains from the clothes easily and 3D Wash does it with perfection.

Express Wash: Few clothes like socks or gym clothes need to wash frequently and their weight is very small for the machine. And the wash cycle can’t be longer as a general wash, there comes IFB express wash that gives faster wash for smaller or lightly soiled loads.

Crescent Moon Drum: In this IFB machine tub, you see grooves that create a water cushion during the wash cycle. It ensures that clothes don’t get damaged even after a tough wash.

Air Bubble Wash: Million of Air bubbles can give a powerful wash. Bubbles deep into the fabric to tickle and tease stuff stain out of clothes.

Time Delay: This feature helps whenever you know which I need to wash the very next day. Then you can make ready your machine and schedule the wash cycle from 30 minutes to 24 hours later.

High Low Voltage Protection: Stable Voltage requires always and fluctuations can damage your machine. These features always monitor voltage and if the voltage goes above or below the safe levels machine paused and auto-resume only in stabilize the voltage.

Auto Imbalance System: To get a triangle-free stable wash, it needs to look after your unbalanced clothes and this feature detects automatically and redistributes clothes.

Child lock: it required for a house with a child. This featured machine freezes setting/options and that can’t be changed without unfreezing.

Foam control system: Front load machine required low foam generating detergents. And also IFB sensors of foam prevention control excessive foam.

Babywear: Extra clean and special care for babywear and delicates.

Anti Allergen: it is a common problem in every washing machine. If you are not completely dried out washing machine after every wash, allergen must come into your machine. IFB anti-allergen features remove allergens and give fresh and clean clothes.

Eco Saving: IFB washing machine loves the planet and saves water, detergent, and electricity.

Inbuilt heater: An inbuilt heater can help in improve wash quality and save energy.

Laundry Add Option: Forget to add your some clothes? Don’t worry! IFB gives the option to pause the wash cycle and add the missing laundry during the wash cycle.

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2. Bosch Front Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine – Inbuilt Heater – 7 kg

Actually People like many features in a single washing machine, hence this is our favorite choice apart from the brand trust. Bosch 7 kg Front-load washing (WAK24268IN) comes with 10 years of warranty in the motor and 2 years warranty on the product, 160 cm long cord, and its dimensions are 85*60*60 cm machines.

Its 1200 RPM motor has a high-speed spin and drying power that easily cleans lightly soiled laundry in just 15 minutes with super 15 that consumes energy 0.99kw per hour and 47 liters water in a 0.3 bar pressure.

As we all know, that feature is one factor that we always like. Hence we buy Redmi more than Samsung mobile.

Active Water System: Bosch comes with multiple load sensors in his front loading washing machine. It helps in saving water with its smart diagnosis technology of identifying the laundry size, fabric type, and other specifications. And according to that how much it takes water to save water.

Auto Drum Clean: Cleaning is mandatory after wash. So, It will always help if your washing machine cleans automatically. And this happens for Drum integrated auto clean function. As a result of this clean, it gives you hygienic wash every time.

Vario Drum: This type of Drum tough on the stains and gentle on your clothes. And drums specially designed to protect your delicate fabrics.

Express Wash: Technology reduces wash time by up to 65%. Get more time to enjoy the things you love.

Anti Vibration Design: it reduces vibrations and ensures greater stability.

The Allergy Plus: This program reassures you of perfectly hygienic and allergy free clothes.

EcoSilence: Drive Motor reduces power consumption resulting in saving money and low noise up to 49 dB

PreWash: is a technology where special care happens of laundry before washing.

Low Water Pressure: This Washing Machine capable of working on the low water pressure of 0.3 bar, making it ideal for places where water pressure is an issue.

Reload Function: This feature helps you to add or remove laundry in the middle of the washing process.

  • Water Saving
  • Express Wash in 15min
  • Low Power consumption
  • Hygienic and Allergy free clothes
  • Special care before wash
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Inbuild heater
  • Low Vibration
  • Child Lock

  • Inverter Technology

Why should you buy this product?

Definitely, it is a good buy. When you see all the features like Express Wash for fast washing, Anti Vibration Design for the stability of the machine, EcoSilence Drive Motor for low noise, Vario Drum for gentle care of laundry, Active Water for water saving with a smart diagnosis of detergent, PreWash, Allergy Plus and More.

You will see it comes with all the technological features available in the market apart from Twin Wash & Flex Wash and Smart Control.

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3. LG Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine – Inverter Technology – 8kg

LG is the most popular brand, it comes in the line of top 10 electric appliance brands with Samsung and Others. It is not only for the brand’s popularity, it 8.0 kg Inverter technology Fully automatic washing machine gives close combat with Bosch 7.0 kg washing. In some cases, it is superior to the Bosch Washing Machine.

This LG best Front-load washing machine with greater quality energy and water efficiency. Its 8 kg drum is easily suitable for a family with 5 or more members.

As all the Front-loading machine motor speed is almost the same and its RPM 1200 that is enough for a high-speed spin and for faster drying of laundry. LG this model comes with 2 years’ compliance warranty and 10 years warranty for the motor.

DD technology: In this technology motor is directly connected to the drum without any best or pulley. And for this, it helps saving electricity and gives a quality performance with low water, reduce vibration.

6 Motion DD: This is the number of washing steps to complete your wash available in this machine. Tumbling, Stepping, Scrubbing, Rolling, Swing, and Filtration is the process of washing in this machine to give a better and carefully wash. Because it gives damage-free to wash your clothes.

Inbuilt Heater: Heater helps to remove stubborn stains and allergens. We know fire can do everything and heat is the one subordinate of fire and in washing machine Heater hard water up to 60C and remove any type of stain.

Auto Restart: This feature helps you in the time of power cut. Because it starts where it left off after power comes.

SmartThingQ: It is the solution to your problem. Whenever you face any problem connect your app with the machine and know the problem and solution in the app. It helps to diagnose up to 86 errors.

Water Proof Panel: This is a common problem in the time of washing because of your wet hands. But LG has solved this problem with the Water Proof panel.

Tube Clean: In a regular interval it is required to clean your tube to get a Germ-free clean. This cleaning happens with heat water at 85C and cleans your tube and drum.

Baby Care: LG thinks about your baby with free Allergenic clothes. First this option heat water 40C for 15 minutes and then at 60C that removes enzymes, bacteria, and detergent residue.

Child Safety: Most of the machine cares about child safety. You will find this option here in the touch panel. Only disable its control panel with child lock.

  • Power Saving & low vibration
  • 6 Motion Power Wash
  • Inbuilt Heater
  • Auto Restart
  • Smart app
  • Tube clean
  • Hygienic and Allergy free clothes
  • Child Safety

  • Fast Washing
  • Special care before wash
  • Auto dispensing

Why should you buy this product?

If you read the feature, we don’t have to say why it is best. The features you will find in this Washing machine are 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, Inverter technology, Heater, Non-Allergenic, Auto Start, Smart Diagnosis, and Child lock.

You will see it comes with all the technological features available in the market apart from Twin Wash & Flex Wash and, Auto dispensing solutions.

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What is the best Top load automatic washing machine?

The Top loading washing machine is the most sold washing machine in India. It is called top loading because we control and run it from the top side of the machine. It has some fewer features than from loading but all Top Loading machines come with fully automatic systems.

IFB 6.5 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine.

No one likes to wash clothes by themselves; if it also happens to you and you feel difficult to wash your clothes then you must have to choose this IFB 6.5 kg Top load washing machine for enjoying your bachelor’s life happily.

Its 3D wash and Triadic Pulsator technology with 720 RPM motor give a wonderful wash with caring for your cloth materials. Apart from smooth washing, it will improve your home decoration with its big led screen. Also, it is a widely used washing machine brand in India.

Large LED Display: Big Led display gives a better look that leads to improving the home decoration.

Triadic Pulsator: This technology gives a deep clean. Triadic Pulsator gives a magical experience that is tough on stains and gentle on fabrics that makes laundry sparkle.

Crescent Moon Drum: IFB Moon Drum comes with grooves on the drum surface that creates a gentle water flow and prevents damage to fabrics.

Aqua Spa Therapy: Gives a sparkle wash with Aqua Spa Therapy. First, it Hydrates, exfoliates, cleanse, and then rejuvenates, this process takes care of your cloth, and this technology designed to wash with care.

Express Wash: Technology reduces wash time and gives more time to enjoy the things you love.

Auto Balance System: This feature helps you in the time of power cut. Because it starts where it left off after power comes.

3D Wash System: Washing machine with 3D washes socks clothes thoroughly to deliver an excellent wash.

Smart Sense/Auto Bleach: It is tough to guess and to add how much detergent needed for better clean. Here help smart sense with it weight sensor automatically weights the load and adjust the settings to save water and detergent.

  • Triadic Pulsator
  • Express Wash
  • Auto balance
  • Auto dispensing
  • Special Care for Clothes

  • Tube clean
  • Child Safety
  • Auto Restart

Why should you buy this product?

In a Top loading washing, machine features are less than front load machines but you will get the best feature in IFB this model of the washing machine.

Here the features you will get Crescent Moon Drum, Aqua Spa Therapy, Deep Clean, Aqua Energie, Aqua Spa, 3D wash and Triadic Pulsator, Smart sensors, Auto softener dispenser, Auto bleach dispenser, lint tower filter, and crescent moon drum.

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LG Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine – 5 Star Inverter – 6.5kg 

LG is one of the leading brands in India who manufacture many products in the home and kitchen appliance. We any product built by LG, trust automatically built on it. Here, it is not selected only for trust. If you see these machine features, you will stand.

Inverter Technology: This technology is used to reduce energy consumption and wash laundry with various motions to give a power wash. This technology also released low noise and give better stability with low vibration than the conventional machine.

BMC Motor: This is the special motor developed by LG. It gives protection against dust, insect, and climate humidity. Also, it has an important role in reducing noise and vibration.

Turbo Drum: In conventional drum only plate spin and not the drum but in Turbo drum, The drum spin in the opposite direction of the drum that gives better wash.

Auto Balance System: This feature has a good impact on washing because it distributes and maintains a consistent and stable wash with balancing clothes whenever it got unbalanced.

Auto Restart: This feature helps you in the time of power cut. Because it starts where it left off after power comes.

SmartThingQ: It is the solution to your problem. Whenever you face any problem connect your app with a machine and know the problem and solution in the app. It helps to diagnose up to 86 errors.

Tube Clean: In a regular interval it is required to clean your tube to get a Germ-free clean. This cleaning happens with heat water at 85C and cleans your tube and drum.

Child Safety: Most of the machine cares about child safety. You will find this option here in the touch panel. Only disable its control panel with child lock.

  • Turbo Drum of LG
  • Auto balance
  • Auto Restart
  • Tube clean
  • Normal Pulsator
  • Child Safety
  • Smart app
  • Special Care for Clothes

  • Auto dispensing
  • Inbuilt Heater

Why should you buy this product?

As we mention you will not find features like a front load machine. Here the main feature where you can look at Corrosion Resistance in Motor, Turbo Drum, Punch+ 3, Smart Diagnosis, Auto Restart, Tube Clean, Stainless steel drum, Child Lock, Smart Inverter, Jet Spray plus, Smart closing door, Smart diagnosis, Smart filter, etc.

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Samsung 6.2 kg fully automatic top loading washing machine

Samsung is a very old and well established giant in the world of electronics. The company manufactured almost everything.

As you come to see the best washing machine in India in 2020. We like to tell you that Samsung 6.2 kg fully automatic top loading washing machine is one of them.

This washing machine comes with various features like air turbo, auto restart, child lock, magic filter, tempered glass window, diamond drum, center jet Pulsator, and water indicator.

Motor power 700 and This machine comes with 2 years warranty and 4 years warranty on the motor.

Diamond Drum: This drum has 25% smaller diamond safe whole where clothes do not get sticking to the drum surface and you can easily pull out clothes without harming damage to the clothes’ fabric. Also, the whole works in the part of safe water flow into the drum for washing.

Air Turbo: Specially build for the rainy season and in high humid weather. Air Turbo saves your time and ensures 30% to 40% faster than the normal dryer. This is possible with its technology of dual vent air intake and turbo power.

Eco Tub Clean: To get rid of harmful detergent, every washing machine needs to clean at a regular interval of 40 washes. With the help of Eco Tub Clean, you can remove all these easily.

Intuitive LED: Samsung these model looks pretty good with its design and led display to provide clear information.

Magic Filter: Filter collect residue of wash and every time you need to clean after wash.

Water Fall: Through Diamond Drum water flow in the drum evenly that helps in detergent distribution and it leads to efficient mixing of detergent and prevents stains that might appear in the clothes.

Round Edge Design: Its round edge design looks pretty nice even in the upgrade surround area.

Easy UI/Simpler Control: The Control panel easy to use and looks cool.

Tempered Glass Door: Through, tempered glass door you can see the washing process and it also gives long-lasting service than glass.

  • Diamond Drum
  • Air Turbo
  • Child Safety
  • Auto Restart
  • Magic Filter
  • Eco Tub clean
  • Pulsator Center Jet
  • Quick Wash
  • Special Care for Clothes

  • Auto dispensing
  • Inbuilt Heater
  • Auto balance

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Which is the best washing machine in the Semi-automatic Category?

In a middle-class family, it is very popular as it comes under budget that fits every pocket. As its name suggests, Semi Automatic, the process of washing to spinning not completed in a single step. Here you need to put laundry in the spinning tap after the complete washing for drying.

Whirlpool 7 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

No doubt Whirlpool is one of the best brands in the category of large electric home appliances. The company has many products for washing your laundry and this is the best product among the semi-automatic top-loading washing machines.

Whirlpool 7 kg Semi Automatic washing machine is great as it is the most economical, low water and electricity consumption and buzzer alert system.

This is best because it has high power motors that spin 1450 per minute that gives the perfect and safely clean your clothes with the power of 340W. As it is a 7 kg machine, it fits easily for a medium family with 3 to 5 members.

Spin Power: 1450 RPM motors with 3 wash programs and inbuilt memory for auto restart give a faster and easy spin and faster drying time.

Large Tub: The large drum with a deep wash of 66l water system gives an extra advantage to roll the clothes in all directions easily in a drum with a 340W powerful High-Efficiency motor.

Inbuilt Scrubber: Now, remove all stubborn tall and scrub without painful bending with a smart scrub station and follow backwater and detergent back into the washtub.

Multi Utility Trays: Tray help to sort and carry dry clothes and a special vent helps the water flow back into the washtub.

Inbuilt Memory: This feature helps you in the time of power cut. Because it starts where it left off after power comes.

Lint Collector: In the lint collector, harmful waste of detergent deposited in the time of washing process that’s why it gives fresh wash every time.

Super Soak: This technology adds a feature of easy removal of tough dirt by soaking and scrubbing your laundry after wash and this action takes for 25 minutes.

Warranty: 2 Years of warranty in the product and 5 years of warranty on the motor and prime mover.

  • Faster the drying time
  • Large wash tub
  • Powerful wash with 340W motor

  • Bit noisy sometimes.

Feature Highlight

Large tab, Multi Utility Tray, Super Sock technology, Inbuilt memory, inbuilt Scrubber, Lint Collector.

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AmazonBasics 8 kg Semi-automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Who doesn’t know about amazon and his trust? So, we decided that we should check Amazon’s new product, the Semi-automatic washing machine. And AmazonBasics 8 kg washing machine deserves to be in the list of top semi-automatic washing machines in India.

This 8 kg washing machine is very helpful for the family members of 5 to 6. It is an economical washing machine in India as it takes low water and consumes very low energy.

Spin Power: What a performance! 1300 rpm motor that comes with twin drums to give a separate option for faster drying with the help of higher spin speeds of the motor.

Wash Programs: You can select different types of wash programs between Normal to Heavy and have 7 points. This depends on your clothes and how dirty it is, you can select.

Lint Collector: In the lint collector, harmful waste of detergent deposited in the time of washing process that’s why it gives fresh wash every time.

Other Feature: Buzzer after the wash finish, Castor Wheel for moving around, Twin Water Inlet, Rust-free Body for long-lasting,

Punch Type Pulsator: to get rid of tough stains with rotating type pulsating action that delivers better cleaning your clothes.

Warranty: This machine comes in the market with 2 years on product warranty and 5 years of motors warranty. And warranty service can be booked by setting your home just by clicking some option on your Amazon order section and then booking an appointment.

  • Faster the drying time
  • Large washtub
  • Very low energy consumption

  • No Such Cons

Feature Highlight

Water balance spin tab, Rust free durable body, Rotating Type Pulsating Action, 2 Wash Programs (Normal and Heavy selector) quick washing, buzzer indicator, castor wheels, 

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Samsung 7.2 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Samsung is the pioneer in the market of washing machines and has developed many advanced technologies for the Washing Machine. Samsung 7.2 kg semi-automated is really good. It gives high-performance motors that spin 1000 times in a single minute to give the best clean.

And with several intelligent features that help provide a good wash to clothes, curtains, linen, etc. Having a separate dryer and washer saves a lot of water in comparison to an automatic machine that requires a continuous flow of water, but does not compromise on the cleaning it brings to dirty clothes.

Buzzer:  Its buzzer helps you to keep score of your time by alerting you when the washing is done.

Spin Power: The 1000 RPM motor performs well and gives faster drying time. It is a Samsung Most economical Semi Automatic washing machine, takes the lowest water and energy consumption.

Wash Trays: Tray help to sort and carry dry clothes and a special vent helps the water flow back into the washtub.

Lint Filter: In the lint collector, a harmful waste of detergent deposited in the time of the washing process that’s why it gives fresh wash every time.

Powerful Pulsator: to get rid of tough stains with rotating type pulsating action that delivers better cleaning your clothes. Horizontal and vertical water flow, wash clean clothes deeply ad sheets without tangling or twisting laundry.

Center Jet: A force of water generated from the center of the Pulsator that improves washing effectively by lifting clothes up and then fall down on to the surface of the Pulsator. Definitely this process helps to give better wash preventing tangle.

Warranty: This machine comes in the market with 2 years on product warranty and 5 years of motors warranty.

Other Feature: Buzzer after the wash finish, Twin Water Inlet, Rust-free Body for long lasting,

Wash Programs: You can select different type of wash program like Normal, Intensive, and Delicate and there have 3 points. This depends on your clothes and how the dirty it is, you can select.

  • Faster the drying time
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Buzzer Alert
  • Low Water consumption

  • No Such Cons

Feature Highlight

Air turbo drying system, EZ wash tray, scrub board, rustproof plastic body, Buzzer, Lint Filter for loose threads, lint and hair

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Pricing Range According to Type of Washing Machine

Washing Machine Machine Type Minimum Price Maximum Price Average Price of  7KG
Front-load Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price Range 17000 65000 28000
Top Load fully Automatic washing machine Price Range 11000 42000 17000
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Price Range 7000 17500 10000

Yes! this is the average price. Here we can come to a certain conclusion if you want a Load Capacity of 7kg and the average price fits your budget then go with any of these. If you think that your need can be fulfilled with 8 to 10 kg and budget fixed 17K then go for semi-automatic and in case the requirement of low load capacity and budget is enough to buy a front load washing machine then you should go for front load for its advanced features.

How to Choose the Best load capacity for your family?

We have listed only a few washing machines from the different categories if you like to see all the best washing machines according to different sizes and brands, choose what you want to see.

Automatic Vs Semi-automatic Washing machine

When we talk about automatic and Semi Automatic in the case of washing machines the explanation is like that.

Automatic means a machine can complete all the work without any help of human beings where Semi Automatic refers to the involvement of humanism. It is true that Semi Automatic machine required the help of human

In a Semi Automatic machine, there are two tabs: one tap for washing and a second tap for spinning and the process. But these two steps can’t be completed without the help of a human as laundry is required to transfer from one tab to another.

But if you have purchased an automatic washing machine, all the process is complete without the help of humans from washing to drying.

Front Load Vs Top Load Washing Machine

These two names are very popular in the world of washing machines. The differentiation according to name is easy as the name suggests in front load washing machines complete loading of the clothes from the front portion.

And, in the top load machine, you have to put your clothes into the washing drum from the top side. In India people like top load washing machines and in western countries people like front loading washing machines because of some features that are required for cold countries.

Front loading washing machines are fully automatic but in the case of top loading washing machines, you will find both automatic and Semi Automatic ones.

Let’s differentiate between the feature of Front and Top load Washing machine:- 

  1. Front load machine takes less water as compared to the top load machine. This happens because top load machines soak clothes more where the front load works on the principle of tumbling action.
  2. Front load machines have longer cycles when we compare them with the top load machine. For this, the front load machine gives better cleaning and runs for a longer time. 
  3. Some other features like cleaning in hot water and a dryer has inbuilt in the front load washing machine. As front load machines require less water, their drying time is fast and thereby it consumes less power than top load machine.

Best Washing Machine Technology to buy in India 2020

Inverter Technology

When I first heard about inverter technology in a washing machine for the research of Washing Machine. I think that it will be the inbuilt inverter that will run the washing machine after the power cut

But not like that!

Here inverter technology helps you and your washing machine perform better in terms of load, speed of the motor, and power consumption. That will result in a lower electric bill, long life of the motor.

How is it possible?

In inverter technology motors run according to the weight of your laundry. If you have only a few things to wash and it waits for around 2 kg then your motors will run slow because of inverter technology and without this technology your washing machine motor works on 8 kg load speed every time you wash no matter what the actual weight of laundry is.

Twin Wash & Flex Wash

Most of the people confused about what should I choose, front load or top load. It is really difficult when your budget is not a problem and you want to buy the best washing machine in India.

Here, Samsung introduces a new technology in the world of washing machines that is twin wash and flex wash. Then, how does the machine function?

In this technology, you will get both the feature, front load, and top load. Where the front load has a large 21kg drum for the washing of your home heavy clothes like blankets and others. And the top load option has a 3.5 kg drum that is used for washing lightweight things like handkerchiefs and others.

6 Motion DD and Wave Motion

This is a new technology that is very essential for your laundry to give a precious wash that will give fast class clean and also take care of your laundry. As the washing machine becomes smart, companies like LG, Samsung, IFB  introduce this technology.

6 DD motion technology introduced by LG, where Whirlpool introduced SoftMove, both are the same where LG give these six motion of washing according to laundry, that are Tumble, Stepping, Scrubbing, Swing, Rolling, and Filtration. These technologies are available only as premium models only.

Whirlpool’s SoftMove is the same technology that works in the same way where washing machines understand the weight of the laundry and according to that react on it. Whirlpool’s new range of front loading machines comes with these features only.

Motion technology, Energetic wash, Soft cradle, power shower, and slow motion program use in the machine depending on the fabric you load into the Whirlpool machine.

IFB, Bosch,  is not far behind in the adoption of such technologies. All, these features available in different names we have mentioned all these in the product description.

Innovative Drum Technologies:

Washing machine drums play an important role to give a high quality wash every time without harming your fabric.

As it plays a crucial role, companies have their own unique drum design. Bosch has a design called Vario Drum technology. Siemens has used similar technology to the one used by Bosch. Samsung has Diamond Drum technology in its top loading machine.

Inbuilt heater technology

Hot water has the capability of removing the stuffest stain from the clothes. This technology is mostly used in cold western countries and their front loading washing machine. In the Indian market, it is new as washing machine companies have not used this technology at the initial market in India.

However, companies like Samsung and whirlpool come with these technologies in their washing machines. Samsung comes with a ceramic heater and whirlpool heater has the capability of heating water up to 600c thereby ensuring the removal of the most stubborn stains.

Auto dispensing solutions

One evergreen problem in washing machines is the solution of washing powder or liquid. This is one problem that we can’t determine, how much washing powder should I give? 

We always care about it because a large amount of detergent required more water that leads to bad smelling in laundry and low amount of detergent leads to low quality washing

Now, the solution has come with an auto dispensing feature in the washing machine. Whirlpool’s Auto Detergent Dosage technology determines the quality of detergent based on the load and degree of soiling it spreads. 

Bosch has the same technology called iDOS that understands the hardness of water and soiling of the clothes and then determines the right quantity of detergents.

Shocking technology

The quality of washing depends a lot on the soaking of the clothes in the right manner. The leading manufacturers have come up with special soaking technologies to improve your washing experience.

Samsung machines have the BubbleSoak technology that helps the machine to eliminate the dirt by soaking the clothes in bubbles with a press of a button.

The quality of washing depends a lot on the soaking of the clothes in the right manner. The leading manufacturers have come up with special soaking technologies to improve your washing experience.

Samsung machines have the BubbleSoak technology that helps the machine to eliminate the dirt by soaking the clothes in bubbles with a press of a button.

Smart technology

Machines are becoming smart with modern machine learning that makes washing machines into smart machines where you can access it only with your mobile.

LG and various washing machines come with NFC features that enable diagnosis and monitoring. This facility helps by alerting you whenever the washing machine faces any issue or washing completed or anything that occurs in the machine, you will get notified on your mobile.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine brand in India?

Choosing a single washing machine from the whole market of the washing machine is not easy. You need to think about many things. When you told to choose a top loading washing machine, It makes my work easy.

I always go for a better brand, the best features available in the machine. Features that must have to be in the top load washing machine are…

According to these features I choose.

Which is the better option to choose between top loading and front loading?

This question is really difficult because both are good in some conditions. Top loading machines are more easy to use and cheaper price but fewer features than front loading machines like consume more power, water and give better and fast wash than top loading machines.

Then it is up to you, you have to think about what you want. Do you want to save money? Then go for top load or if not go for front load.

Which washing machine is better Bosch, IFB, or LG?

Whenever you choose any product to buy, you need to think about price, feature, and then after sales service, and company trust.

We read a few reviews about different washing machines in Amazon and find most of them are the same in service, in terms of feature you should go for all, means you have to think according to budget. But the best brands are Bosch, IFB, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, etc.

How to clean the washing machine?

To ensure clothes get clean don’t forget about the machine. Almost, all the brands recommend cleaning top loader agitator and front loader rubber gasket every 6 months. Protect your machine in the use of abusive cleaner and never mix vinegar with bleach.

If you smell bad, chances are the drum collected some mold. You can choose to wash the Table and run the front loader for a full cycle and after the process completes simply wipe away any remaining residue from rubber dusked and other parts of the machine.

To clean the top loading washing machine first unplug from the wall. Then, if you have a separate dispenser, remove it. Take a socket wrench to remove the agitator bolt and manually wash it. Then take some bleach and put insight into the machine and run in a full mode. After the whole process completely wipes away any remaining residue and that’s all to clean.

Who invented the washing machine?

First, the Washing machine is Scrub Board, not an electric power the washing machine, invented in 1797 by Jacob Christian Schaffer. The first, electric power washing machine invented in 1908 by Alva J. Fisher.

How to choose a washing machine?

Before choosing any washing machine you need to look after this point’s number of a family members, budget, features, brand you like. After selecting the budget you need to think which machine fits under this budget with your family not to get overloaded in the washing machine.

If you budget around 20000 then you should choose a Top loading washing machine from the above mention best top loading machine. In case you are a single or two then you can choose front loading machine of 6kg that comes around 20000 to 25000.

What is a fully automatic washing machine?

We have answered this question above. Click here to go there.

How many clothes in the 6kg washing machine?

In a 6kg washing machine, you can wash up to 30 shirts or other garments according to the size and weight of 30 shirts.

Which motor is used in the washing machine?

Different types of motors used in the washing machine by different brands you need to see individually each machine we have mentioned along with features.

How to remove water from the washing machine,

Start with an unplugging washing machine from the wall. Take one or more empty buckets according to water in the machine and placed a bucket underneath the filter of the machine to drain water.

What is the center jet Pulsator in the washing machine?

We have mentioned a washing machine that has a center jet Pulsator. It is nothing but helps to give better wash by creating a force of water from the center point of the machine that uplifts the clothes to the top of the machine and then falls down.

Which washing machine consumes less electricity?

The front loading washing machine takes less power than the top load and semi automatic machine. It also gives better washing than other types.

But it is not like that top loading machine gives bad wash. They are good in their own way.

When can I add a fabric softener?

You cannot add a softener along with detergent. You can add after the wash completely or get better results to add in the middle of washing.

Can I install the washing machine in the bathroom?

No, we don’t recommend to install in the bathroom because of the wet of the bathroom, you get the mold to appear frequently in the washing machine.

What kind of detergent should I use in the washing machine?

It is generally recommended that top loading machine required more form than front loading washing machine.

So you have to choose a detergent that generates large foam for the top loading washing machine. On the other hand, a selected detergent that generates less foam as there is less space for foam in front loading washing machine.

How to get rid of mold or fungus in the washing machine?

You can get rid of fungus and mold easily by drying your machine properly after every wash.

Should I use cold water or hot water?

Always try to avoid hot water as hot water damage your clothes. You can always select warm water for better removal of stain from your clothes like denim. It is good to choose normal water for silk, cotton, and wool.

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