10 Best Water Heater in India 2020 | Ultimate Explained


Winters are one of the most fantastic seasons that provide us with a feel of frosty weather conditions. Usually, we get affectionate with the warm water in the winter season. It is challenging to wake up early and then bath with the use of cold water. It becomes complicated to work with cold water during winters, and in this condition, a water heater comes out to be the best solution.

Best Water Heater in India

The water heaters help in providing warm water during winters, and we can use water for bathing and many other household purposes. It becomes indispensable to decide the water heater quality while purchasing. The water heater should be very efficient, and the working performance of the radiator should also be very high.

The quality of the air should be useful while you use the heater for indoor purposes. Some of the water heaters are very easy to use because you just have to press the power button on to start the water heater. Various best water heaters in the world could help you to provide a large amount of hot water in any condition. Check out some of the following given water heaters during winter seasons.

10 Best Water Heater in India | Ultimate Explained Begins

1. V-Guard Pebble water heater

These water heaters are one of the Best products of 2020 that help in providing hot water every time. The V-Guard water heaters help in giving the heaters of different colors and these variations of colors attract the people very much. These V-Guard water heaters are non-corrosive in nature, and thus, it becomes long-lasting for usage. It consists of 15-liter water capacity and, therefore, can heat a water level of 15 liters at a time.


  • These are energy efficient and consist of various designs.
  • It comes out with various interchangeable panels in the front position.


2. Crompton Amica water heater

It is an excellent example of the new geysers that provide hot water with just one click on the power button. It also consists of a cut-off option that means when the water gets hot; then the geyser cuts itself. It comes in white as well as black color, and it can heat the water of capacity 15 liters peruse.


  • It is an excellent heater that helps in saving power.
  • It is one of the long-lasting geysers.


3. AO Smith Green Series water heater

The water heater of AO Smith is the best product of 2020 and a particular modern technology heater that helps in providing the great facility of heating of water properly. The AO Smith Green water heater offers a capacity of 15 liters, and it also saves a significant amount of energy by using advanced as well as smart technology conditions. It shows the performance of five-star geysers, and it also consists of a diamond glass-lined tank that is blue in color.


  • The performance of the water heater of AO Smith is five stars, and it has super quality work.
  • It is a very durable water heater.


4. Bajaj New Shakti GL vertical storage water heater

It helps in providing the heating factor for 25-liter water in daily use. It gets considered one of the best heat water producers in India. It consists of super quality of outer tank with a non-rust and non-corrosive body. It shows the performance of three stars with a high level of BEE energy efficiency. It consists of a mild steel tank with a coating of glass lining all around, and thus, it is very long-lasting. The gross weight of the Bajaj New Shakti GL vertical storage water heater is approximately fourteen kg.


  • It is very energy efficient because of the presence of the cut-off method.
  • It also consists of a non-corrosive inner tank coating.


5. Bajaj New Shakti GL Storage water heater

It helps in offering the water heating effect at the top level, and it comes out in various designs as well as colors. You must check its different colors while purchasing. It comes with a tremendous and efficient heating capacity of 15-liter water. It is very convenient to use in any form of kitchen and bathroom.


  • It consists of the durable geyser that means it does not get corrosive or rusted.
  • It is very safe to use because of the presence of multifunctional values.


6. Racold Pronto Instant water heater

The Recold Pronto Instant Water heater is one of the best product of 2020 and the fantastic heaters that help in providing significant heating effects during cold weather conditions. It is effortless to use these heaters,, and it is high-pressure resistant.


  • It consists of the three-liter capacity to heat the water.
  • It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • It is very beneficial to use Racold’s water heater because of its durability.


7. Crompton Salarium Neo water heater

It is a very bold and fantastic water heater system of India. It comes in a very cool color of white, and it has a silky appearance. It comes with the excellent protection of triple-shield functioning. It consists of a large capacity of 50 liters, and thus, it can heat a large amount of water. It is an ingenious energy-efficient system that helps in providing a large heating capacity with low-cost electricity bills.


  • It can heat the water around fifty liters during every use.
  • It is very easy to safe and secure to use Crompton’s water heater.
  • It comes with gyroscopic technology that helps in healing the water heating capacity faster.

8. Racold Eterno water heater

The Racold Eterno water heaters are very energy efficient and smart bath water heaters. It helps in providing hot water very fast for prolonged use. It consists of various sturdy heating effects due to the presence of high-quality titanium coating in it. It can heat the 25 liters of water at one time and thus, becomes very useful during usage.


  • It comes with the smart technology of prolonged life.
  • It helps in providing hot water with less usage of electricity.
  • It is resistant to high pressure and can easily maintain the high usage of energy.


9. Havells Monza water heater

It is one of the perfect additional towards the basic geysers of India because it is very energy efficient. It comes with a capacity of 15 liters in it, and thus, it can heat a large amount of water. It consists of a very stunning, durable inner tank, therefore it non-corrosive and non-resistant. It helps in performing better performance for a very long time.


  • It is one of the best product of 2020 that helps in providing a vertical installation type.
  • It consists of five years of warranty and thus, works for a long time.
  • It comes in various colors and designs.


10. Bajaj Majesty Duetto water heater

You can easily use this heater system during the cold winter season because it ensures the full security of the person. You can find various advanced technology that includes the 16-liter water capacity and protection of the overheating of the water.

It consists of advanced combustion technology that provides excellent efficiency of thermal heating and also provides a high level of performance. It consists of six-liter capacity of heating the water at one time, and it takes twenty minutes to boil the six-liter of the water.


  • It is very safe to use the Bajaj Majesty Duetto water heater and perfect for a compact family.
  • It consists of water flow sensors and also consists of flame protection devices whenever it finds any sort of failure in the system.

Some factors of the Water system considered while purchasing

It becomes essential to consider every element while purchasing the water heater for your kitchen or bathroom usage during the winter season. The water heater should particularly suit their everyday need and requirements. It includes some of these underlying factors:

1. Safety during use:

The electric water heaters are safer than the traditional water heaters. Because conventional water heaters usually work over the fuel installed inside it, and this can adversely affect the people using it. The fuel-based water heaters consist of various flaming vapors that remain in the air for a long time, and then it can easily change the lives of people living around it. But using an electric water heater is very safe because there is no fuel involves while heating.

2. Easy while usage:

It is very grateful to the new technology that people can easily make access to the water heater at any time. You should choose the water heater by considering these factors at the top. You should review the water heater that works by just clicking on the power button, and thus, you find the water to be heating after waiting for a while.

3. Air quality in indoor stuff:

The traditional water heaters usually involve a large number of combustion fuels in the environment, and thus, it makes the atmosphere very polluted. It can affect the health of the people very quickly in case of the leakage of the fuel. Therefore, you should select the best electric heater in which you do not have to worry about any indoor air quality things.

4. The efficiency of a water heater:

The best water heaters consist of the best energy and high maintenance. Thus, it is very vital to consider efficiency effect while purchasing any water heater for your home.

6. Performance of the water heater:

The production of a water heater varies according to its efficiency of working. You should choose the water heater according to the needs and requirements of a radiator at your home. The fuel-based water heaters usually consist of less performance and efficiency, but the electric heaters are very fast. They work very fast and heat the water very instantly without worrying about anything.

Cost of the water heaters

Every water heater consists of different price lists, and it varies according to the increasing features. The smart and advanced technology of water heaters usually consists of more cost, and thus, they provide low-cost bills in your homes. You must make your mind before purchasing the water heater because you may get confused after seeing many options in your market.

Installation of water heaters

The traditional water heaters used to be very heavy in the weight, and it was not easy to handle the system by one individual. However, with growing technology, the mass of the heater system is decreasing day by day, and thus, it is elementary to handle. But installing the heater is quite a big task, so you must consult with your brands professional. They can easily install the heater system at your home at any time of purchase, and you can also learn many functioning procedures from them.

Solar water heaters

There are various electric and traditional water heaters, but you will get amazed to know that there are very high solar water heaters. These water heaters are a very stunning system that does not require the use of any amount of electricity. You can quickly get the hot water because the solar water heaters work with the help of the consumption of sun radiations.

The radiation helps in heating the water, and thus, it provides the water for household usage. You can easily save electricity bills, and it is very safe to use. You do not need to wait for heating the water at any time because it works automatically. The main factor of the solar heater system is that it takes much time to heat the water entirely, and it works when the sun appears during the winter season.

Conclusion: The water heater system helps in providing hot water during winter seasons and helps in protecting from cold water at any time. The water heater needs to get installed with the help of the professional of the brands because it is not easy to install the system on your own at any time.

The use of electric water heaters is very safe and secure because you just have to click the button. Thus, you have no other work to do because you will get the hot water after a while, according to the capacity of a water heater. Check out these features while buying the smart and advanced electric geyser for your household purposes and bathroom usages.

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