10 Best Water Purifier in India 2021 | Honest Review & Guide

What is the best water purifier for your home depends upon many factors. Like what is the TDS of water that you drink every day. When your water TDS is below 500 go for UV, UF water purifier, and if it is more than 500 go for RO, UV, UF water purifier.

Once a time, When water is purified with RO filter, the water TDS comes down to 20 to 25 which is not good for our health.

Now, the technology has changed and the main purpose of a RO purifier is to main TDS level is around 180 which is very good for our health.

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How are they able to do it?

The latest RO, UV, UF filter water purifier comes with two-channel filtration technology. To maintain a good level of TDS, they filter some water within the RO channel and other water with UV, UF channel. And final water filter output becomes 180 TDS which is very good.

Water Purifier
Water Purifier

AO Smith 10 Liter Wall Mountable Water Purifier

8-Stage Purification Process: This water purifier features a green RO Purification System that comes with 8 water purification stages so that you can get pure and potable drinking water. The water purifier passes 100% of the water through the RO Membrane. It’s also double purified by SCMT.

ART (Advance Recovery Technology): This feature helps to recover up to 2 times more water than any other purifier, ensuring minimal wastage. On installing this water purifier you can save up to 9000 Liters of water annually if you have a family of 4.

Mineralizer Technology: MIN-TECH technology adds essential minerals back into the water. This ensures that the water tastes fresh, natural, and has a balanced PH, which is an essential requirement for drinking water.

Night Assist Feature: AO Smith water purifier has additional features like “Night Assist” that helps you to locate the appliance even at night. Additionally, the glow effect produced by this feature creates a pleasant feel to your kitchen.

Silver Charged Membrane Technology: SCMT is an additional stage of purification that prevents secondary microbial contamination post RO purification. Double protection ensures pure and healthy water.

Instant Hot Water: This water purifier provides the option for pure water at two temperature choices (at 45 and 85 degrees Celsius). Lukewarm water and hot water options can be used for preparing instant coffee, a batch of cup noodles, and preparing baby food.

Water Purifier

Kent New Grand 8 Liters Wall Mountable Water Purifier

Patented Mineral RO Technology: Patented Mineral RO Technology retains (natural) minerals in purified water with the help of a TDS Controller to provide you safe and tasty water.

Multistage Purification Technology: This water purifier uses multistage purification technology to remove microorganisms, dissolved minerals such as viruses, salts, and bacteria to make water safe for drinking.

Save Water Technology: The water purifier comes with “save water” technology that helps in reducing water wastage. Using a controlled computer, this advanced feature helps in recovering more purified water.

Water Level Indicator: This water purifier comes with a water level indicator to keep track of purified water available in the tank. You can turn on the machine whenever the level of purified water decreases.

Purified water from all sources:  Kent Grand purifies inlet water from all sources. Whether you receive tap, brackish or municipal corporation water, this water purifier is suitable for purifying all types of water.

High Storage Capacity: This water purifier has a tank that can hold up to 8 Liters of water. The purification capacity of 20 Liters per hour ensures that you can get a continuous supply of pure water.

PAN India Service: Kent has more than 1500 centers all over India for the convenience of customers. You can easily get in touch with expert technicians at a service center near you.

Water Purifier

Havells Max 7-Liters RO UV Water Purifier

Mineral Cartridge: This water purifier retains (natural) minerals and corrects the PH Level of water, resulting in tastier and healthier water.

IProtect Purification Monitoring: Thanks to iProtect Purification Monitoring, this purifier keeps a track of the purification process and ensures safe drinking water.

Revitalization: This water purifier restructures the molecules of water and makes it biologically active. This enhances the mineral and hydration absorption.

Electrical Protection System: This ensures that the water purifier works within the required voltage range. This shields the machine by automatically powering off when the voltage exceeds 330 Volt or drops below 170 V.

Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure 8 Liters Water Purifier

7-Liter Tank Storage Capacity: This water purifier has a tank that can hold up to 7 Liters of water, ensuring that you don’t run out of pure and potable drinking water.

Pure and Safe Drinking Water: This water purifier has a TDS level of up to 2000 rpm. It reduces the TDS level up to 90% so that you can get pure and safe drinking water. Thanks to the TDS regulator, you can change the taste of water as per your choice.

Energy Saving Mode: You can save electricity with the energy-saving mode that switches off the power supply automatically once the tank gets full.

Long-Lasting Cartridge: Eureka Forbes water purifier comes with a 6000 L cartridge life, ensuring that you have safe water for long periods. Moreover, it is equipped with small indicators that give you a user-friendly and hassle-free experience.

LED Indicator: You will get alerted for services and errors. It shows power on, purification on, and tank full status.

Sleek and Compact Design: The water purifier comes with a sleek and compact design. It takes up minimum space and complements your kitchen décor.

Wall Mountable: You can place the water purifier on the kitchen counter or mount it on the wall as per your convenience. This unit is easy to install and adds elegance to your kitchen.

Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Smart Plus 7 Liters Water Purifier

Cartridge Life: The water purifier comes with a 6000 L cartridge life, giving your family hassle-free protection for a long.

Smart LED Indicators: Smart LED Indicators through color variation indicate when the purification process is on, or when the tank is full.

They also indicate low incoming water pressure, lack of water supply, and when there is an error with the appliance so that you can call for immediate service.

Smart TDS Controller: This feature helps in reducing total dissolved salt by 90%, providing safe and tasty drinking water always.

Easy to install: Based on your needs, you can place the water purifier on a countertop or you can wall-mount it. This unit comes with a 6 Lank with water level indicator that indicates the availability of water.

Smart Energy Saving: This machine comes with a sensor that helps in saving energy by automatically switching off the water tank when it’s full.

Performance during Voltage Fluctuations: Eureka Forbes Smart Plus water purifier can handle voltage fluctuations ranging between 150 V to 270 V, protecting the unit from physical damage.

6-Stage Filtration:  This unit features six stages of filtration. The entire process removes impurities and excessive chlorine. It eliminates viruses and bacteria and reduces the hardness of the water.

Water Purifier

Aquaguard from Aqua-sure Amaze 7 Liter Water Purifier

Sheltered and Tasty Water: The TDS channel change flavor of water according to the source. The purifier can treat water that has an MTDS Level of 2000 ppm; you get pure and healthy water.

Vitality Saving Mode: You can save more on a monthly power bill with a saving mode.

 Indicators: LED Indicators through lights when the power on, or when the tank is full.

Dependable Cartridge: The water purifier features a 6000 L cartridge. This ensures pure water for a long time. Also, it includes little pointers that give you an easy to use and bother free understanding.

Multi-Stage Purification Technology: This ensures that the water is 100% safe to drink.

Huge Capacity: Eureka Forbes water purifier features a 7-Liter tank. This ensures that you don’t run out of pure and safe drinking water.

Sleek and Compact Design: The water purifier displays a minimal structure. It adds appeal to your kitchen interior.

Water Purifier

Livpure Glo 7 Liters Mineralizer Water Purifier

Huge Capacity: The tank can store 7 Liters of water. This ensures access to refined water. The machine can work even without water and electricity, as it can store decontaminated water.

Smooth and Elegant Design: The purifier features full tank indicators. It flaunts a compact and stylish design.

Dregs Filter: In this phase of filtration bore well-water is gone through the channel. This eliminates fine and microscopic particles from the water.

Pre-Activated Carbon Filter: This eliminates chlorine and natural particles by engrossing them. The pre-activated carbon channel removes bad taste, and scent making mixes from water. This ensures that you have delectable water.

RO Membrane: This eliminates all compounds like herbicides and harmful metals from water.

Mineralizer: This holds back essential minerals in the water. It adds expected minerals to the decontaminated water. It adjusts the PH level of cleaned water.

Tank Capacity: Livpure water purifier can sanitize up to 12 L of water in 60 minutes. This ensures that you have a steady water supply

The most extreme stockpiling limit of the tank is 7 Liters. It ensures that you have pure and safe drinking water.

Water Purifier

Konvio Neer Amrit RO + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier

Philips UV Tank: As you store water in the tank for a long, germs and microorganisms breed in the tank. Philips UV tank facilitates simple and quick cleaning of water. The tank decontaminates water by invert assimilation and stores clean water.

High TDS: Bypassing through the natural membrane saltwater turns to freshwater. As a choice for filtration, high TDS membrane never fails to amaze with clean, drinking water

12 Liters Storage Tank: The tank holds clean water after reverse osmosis filtration. This water purifier has 8 L storage capacity so that you can store water for later use.

Digital Purifier with smartness: Ensure better water quality by generating an automatic service ticket.

6-stage Purification Process: This is a maintenance-free purifier with 6 stages of purification that can purify up to 20 liters of water per hour

Water Purifier

Ruby Economical RO+ UV+TDS Water Purifier

Pre-Filter: This is powerful in eliminating earth, rust, and sand particles. It is a 5 Micron Filter.

Silt Filters: The 1 Micron Filter can easily eliminate earth, rust, and sand particles.

UV Filters: The UV channels eliminate up to 90 to 95% of undissolved pollutants.

Post Carbon Block Filter: This channel eliminates bad smell and taste to improve the nature of drinking water.

RO Membrane: The water is gone through the RO Membrane to remove elements like lead and pesticides from water

Tank Capacity: Ruby water purifier filters up to 12 Liters of water in 60 minutes. Thus ensuring that you have a supply of pure water.

The tank can store 12 Liters water. It ensures that you have pure and safe drinking water always.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Water Purifier for Your Home

Water Purifier

Storage Capacity

The purification capacity as listed on the packaged box is always 1500 ppm, and it shouldn’t be less than that. There are purification indicators present in water to warn the customers against the quality of water that the purifier is supplying.

Water purifier manufacturers provide a tank that collects water while purification. For a nuclear family with 5 to 7 members; purifiers with the capacity of 6 liters are sufficient. Thus you get purified water as and when needed.  Popular or reputed companies use high-grade plastics. 

Water Quality

As a customer one should always examine the quality of water supplied by the purifier before even purchasing it. Some of the companies indeed sell pre-owned products that the buyers are not aware of.  

The excellent quality of the water ensures proper health and keeps you safe. The cartridges present in the water purifier helps in softening water.


  • E. Coli Virus: – This bacterium is found in the bodies of birds and animals. E. Coli may be present in water in forms of feces or sewage contaminants. Drinking water infected with E.Coli can cause diarrhea and other series of diseases.
  • Bacteria: – Heavy downpour, wear, and tear of systems are some of the causes for water to be contaminated with Bacteria. Drinking water contaminated with bacteria is considered to be fatal.
  • Pesticides and fungicides
  • Chlorine: – To purify water and make it suitable for drinking; chlorine is often mixed with water. Drinking chlorinated water can cause severe joint pain. 
  • Nitrates: –   Nitrates promote plant growth and are thus excessively used in agriculture. Drinking such water can lead to Blue Baby Syndrome; reducing the ability to carry oxygen in the blood.

Water Pressure

Testing for water pressure is necessary before purchasing a purifier. Most of the purifiers need pressure between 5 to 40 (pounds per square meter) to work efficiently. You can check the pressure just by calculating the distance between your floor and the terrace where water is uniformly distributed by gravity. If you are residing in an apartment or a 10 story building and you live on the 7th floor then the pressure on your tap will be 15 PSI (for every 10 feet from the terrace PSI is equal to 5 PSI,)

For homes having low pressure, it’s better to buy a booster pump or UV water purifier like Alfaa UV’s e-Water Purifier that works on low tank pressure

Power Supply

Power Supply or Electricity is another metric that the customer needs to think of before buying a purifier. If there are regular power cuts in your area; you may choose a purifier with storage. These water purifiers work on gravity rather than electricity.

Reverse Osmosis

It includes a stream of water or other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane. That blocks the dissolved solutes present in the water/solvent.  Solutes include ions, pesticides, and some other chemicals. Many plants that deal with water filtration follow this mechanism. 

Ultra Filter

This process involves the application of hydrostatic pressure to force water against a membrane. This membrane can filter harmful microorganisms and bad odors in the water. The concept of Ultrafiltration is closed to RO except in the size of the molecules that it retains or holds.  Colloids, bacteria, and pathogens that are larger than the pores of the membrane get filtered by this membrane. 

Ultra Violet Filtration

It involves the application of a UV lamp; that purifies water and makes it suitable for drinking. The UV light used in this process is termed as UV-C or germicidal UV. The UV radiations modify the genetic materials of the microorganisms such that they can’t multiply. The pre-treatment process maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment process.

The pre-treatment process allows the passage of water through sediment/carbon filters. Silt gets removed through the sediment filters; organic impurities are removed by the carbon filters. 

Frequently Ask Questions

What is water purification?

Water purification is the process that involves the filtering of unwanted chemicals, toxins, suspended solids, and gases from water. It is done to make the water fit some specific purposes.  Mostly it is done to disinfect water for human consumption (for consumption). Water purification can be done through medical, pharmacological, and chemical ways. 

With the use of modern technology like RO, UV, and UF water can be purified and made suitable for drinking.

Why do you need Water Purifier?

You can survive without food for days, as your body will start utilizing stored fat and protein to prepare its energy. But if you cut off the water supply, you’ll be dead within days.

Even our bones contain about 25% of water. On average, we need 2.4 Liters of water per day. Water being so vital to our lives, it’s not surprising that we like it clean, tasty, and pure.

One reason for which people spend money on purifiers is that they remove bacteriological contamination from water.

There are different kinds of water filtration processes –like RO Filtration, Ultra Filtration, UV Filtration, and so on.

You need to choose a water purification system depending on the quality of the water. It is helpful to know how these systems operate. So let’s learn them in detail.

How does Water Purification System Work?

RO or Reverse Osmosis Filtration System is a simple water filtration mechanism. It includes a passage of water and other solvents through a semi-permeable membrane.

This removes contaminants like ions, pesticides, microorganisms, and other chemical compounds from water. These are the elements present in the RO System. An RO Purifier is best suited for industrial as well as domestic usage.


Sediment filters and carbon filters are commonly used ones. These remove chlorine, dirt, and other sediments present in water.

RO Membrane

These help in removing contaminants from water. Water enters into the storage tank after this stage of purification.

Storage Tank

This purifies treated water. The storage capacity of the tank varies, so you need to check usage before choosing a water purification system.

Post Filter

This is a carbon filter. These filters are used to remove bad odor and improve the taste of water.

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