Samsung Top Load Washing Machine Fully Automatic in India 2020


6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Samsung  Top load Washing Machine

Main Features: Diamond Drum: Air Turbo: Eco Tub Clean: Intuitive LED: Magic Filter: Water Fall: Round Edge Design: Easy UI/Simpler Control: Tempered Glass Door:

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6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine

Main Features: Diamond DrumAir Turbo: Eco Tub Clean: Intuitive LED: Magic Filter: Water Fall: Round Edge Design: Tempered Glass Door: Child Lock: Auto Restart:

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7 Kg Fully-Automatic Samsung Top Loading Washing Machine

Main Features: Wobble Technology: ActivWash+: Magic Dispenser: Diamond Drum: Eco Tub Clean: Intuitive LED: Magic Filter: Round Edge Design: Easy UI/Simpler Control: Tempered Glass Door:

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Read all the Features in Details – Samsung Top Load Washing Machine

Diamond Drum: This drum has a 25% smaller diamond safe whole where clothes do not get sticking to the drum surface and you can easily pull out clothes without harming damage to the clothes’ fabric. Also, the whole works in the part of safe water flow into the drum for washing.

Air Turbo: Specially build for the rainy season and in high humid weather. Air Turbo saves your time and ensures 30% to 40% faster than the normal dryer. This is possible with its technology of dual vent air intake and turbo power.

Eco Tub Clean: To get rid of harmful detergent, every washing machine needs to clean at a regular interval of 40 washes. With the help of Eco Tub Clean, you can remove all these easily.

Intuitive LED: Samsung these models looks pretty good with its design and led display to provide clear information.

Magic Filter: Filter collect residue of wash and every time you need to clean after wash.

Water Fall: Through Diamond Drum water flow in the drum evenly that helps in detergent distribution and it leads to efficient mixing of detergent and prevents stains that might appear in the clothes.

Round Edge Design: Its round edge design looks pretty nice even in the upgrade surround area.

Easy UI/Simpler Control: The Control panel easy to use and looks cool.

Tempered Glass Door: Through, tempered glass door you can see the washing process and it also gives long-lasting service than glass

Child Lock: Think for these features if you have a child in your house and very helpful features for washing machine

Auto Restart: This feature helps you in the time of power cut. Because it starts where it left off after power comes.

Wobble Technology: Wobble pulsator is as good as Triadic pulsator of IFB. Both give some advantage of washing like triangle-free clothes and deep cleaning with multi-directional water flow that increase the washing power of this machine.

ActivWash+: This is a sink for handwashing clothes. Also, it gives an additional advantage for pre-treatment of your delicate clothes and clothes that are heavily soiled.

Magic Dispenser: It is tough to guess and to add how much detergent needed for better clean. Here, help Magic Dispenser with its weight sensor automatically weights the load of current clothes and according to that dispense detergents. Magic Dispenser creates a powerful water vortex that also helps to dissolve detergents fast without letting any residue

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